Rootstack established alliances with bootcamps in Latin America

December 16, 2021

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With the purpose of reaching out to young professionals and contributing to the education and training of future software talent, Rootstack has managed to make several alliances with bootcamps around Latin America.


The bootcamp is a way of calling an intensive course focused on training your students with the necessary skills to get started in the job market immediately. These courses have a concentrated syllabus and focus on the practical day-to-day tasks of the profession or skill in question.


Rootstack makes alliances with several technology bootcamps in Latin America


With the goal of expanding its team of experts, Rootstack contacted some of the most important bootcamping companies in Latin America, managing to form alliances with them that allow it to have young talents in its work team.


These are:




They are a bootcamp that focuses on preparing junior developers and is located in Mexico City. Rootstack, through its recruitment team and Human Resources, managed to form an alliance with this prestigious bootcamp, offering a talk given by one of our FullStack developer where he introduced the company and spoke a little about our culture.




Originally from Argentina, it is a completely online platform that is responsible for training web developers with the particularity of being "free". Rootstack managed to make contact with the company and has already received various information from some "henrys", that's what they call the people who graduated from their bootcamp. This platform, which can be described as an Amazon of IT profiles, originated in Argentina and was expanding to other borders.


Geek Academy


Located in Colombia, they are a bootcamp specialized in the training of Colombian professionals in the development area. We got in touch with this academy to be able to train its young talents, hoping to discover a gem in the rough among so many privileged minds.



Located in Chile. They are opening their borders to Colombia, Peru, Costa Rica and Mexico. They have sent us several profiles as well and we are waiting for next year's graduates, as they will be from Peru.


Rootstack continues to be in constant communication with bootcamps and universities throughout Latin America, seeking the brightest minds in terms of programming and software development to offer the best talent to its more than 300 international clients and provide prompt solutions to their technological problems. 


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