BPM's in business

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation, Managed Teams, Tech Trends

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##What is Business Process Management? In today's competitive market, the adaptation and continuous improvement of processes is an obligation to grow and stay on top. No matter how noble the intentions of the companies, most of the time they find an unexpected barrier: their systems / management applications are not equipped to allow them to exploit new opportunities or adapt to changes in an agile way. ##What is BPM? BPM (Business Process Management) is a series of methodologies focused on the management of business processes. It is largely understood as a methodology that guides efforts towards the optimization of business processes, seeking to improve efficiency and effectiveness through systematic management. To properly understand what BPM is and apply its principles to your company's processes, you must analyze, model, automate, integrate, monitor and optimize your processes continuously. BPM is not a "one-time thing", it implies constant monitoring and improvement of processes. Managing a process implies defining a specific order so that work activities are carried out on time, in specific places and by people or systems. Processes will always have a beginning and an end, as well as clearly defined inputs and outputs. ##Influence of technology in Business Processes The focus of available BPM technology is the analysis of the management of an entire business process from the beginning to the end. From where the information / resource is first entered into the system until the final result comes out at the end. The fusion of management platforms, technologies and applications focused on management and collaboration, with practices of business management existing in the organization, which aims to improve productivity and organizational efficiency through the optimization of business processes . The BPM technology is considered a tool / strategy adopted to achieve a better execution of the business from the effective and efficient coordination between the modeling, the execution and the measurement of the same. ##In conclusion: what results does a good BPM offer? BPM, as a general management philosophy, focuses to a large extent on monitoring activities, measuring results and making the right decisions to improve business performance. It combines widely proven and established process management methods with a new class of business software tools. BPM has allowed advances related to speed, agility and is one of the tools with which organizations improve productivity and business performance.