Characteristics that an ERP company should have

September 30, 2022

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ERP software is a must for any company that wants to stay competitive in today's market. Having an internal system that improves processes and makes work more functional and effective for the human team frees them to focus on other priority tasks. In order to have these benefits in your company, you must first hire the appropriate software agency that will provide its services for the installation of the ERP.


ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning and refers to the software that manages daily business activities. Integrate supply chain, services, purchasing, accounting, human resources, and financial processes into a single system to unify business operations.


It has different planning applications that are integrated and share a database. Each of its modules focuses on a particular business area, and can be structured based on your specific industry and needs.




Characteristics to look for in an ERP services company


The client must carefully search for the software development agency or company that they will hire to install and implement the ERP solution and see that it meets their expectations and needs. Here are some key things to keep in mind:


Knowledge of various industries


It is necessary to ensure that the agency to be hired has proven knowledge and experience in the different industries, with this it is ensured that it knows the ERP needs for the different companies, for example, for the textile, retail, or food industry. They need to be able to listen to their customers and understand the underlying business case for any feature within an ERP system, across their business.


Experience in data integration and migration


The migration of company data to ERP software is essential: you must do it thoroughly to avoid errors that can delay the entire process and even take it to the initial stage. The development agency that is decided to hire must demonstrate experience in data migration, verified with successful cases of past clients.


Handle multiple types of users


In an article published by the Zibtek website, they explain “The proper design of the user interface is one of the most important predictors of the adoption of a software product. With ERP software, developers must design the user interface for a wide variety of users. Hourly maintenance workers have different expectations and needs than data scientists. Accountants need a set of predictable displays that prevent human error and are reliable at all times. Your software development partner should not cater to one type of user. They must be able to flexibly identify the right user interface for each type.”


Tools and equipment to handle large-scale processes


A good software agency has a Project manager, or a team of project managers, who can ensure that all processes and tasks are completed within due time and successfully. In addition to this, on your large-scale projects, see how many modules you had, how many development teams were deployed, and how long the project took.


Ability to communicate clearly and precisely


“A company ready to take on a full ERP project needs to be able to listen to customers, understand what they are saying, and turn that knowledge into code. They must also be able to communicate their plans, progress and challenges to the customer on an ongoing basis. If communication is slow or painful during the investigative period of your search, that's not a good sign," they point out in the Zibtek article.




Why should you use an ESB?

The benefits of implementing an enterprise service bus architecture are quite easy to see:


  • It helps increase organizational agility and productivity levels by allowing developers to easily change, remove, or add components to an application.
  • Implementing an enterprise service bus allows developers to scale their existing systems and makes exposure to new applications much easier than ever before.
  • By using an ESB, you can do much more than simply increase organizational agility, you can also work on and improve your security components and monitor your application's transaction performance.


The company must take the time necessary to choose the company or software agency that it is going to hire to develop its ERP project and thus, at the end of the day, have the best software that provides the necessary solutions for its daily activities.


At Rootstack we have worked with more than 200 international clients, among which there are several that we have helped to implement ERP solutions in their companies, with which they have been able to increase the productivity of their team. Trust us so that all your internal processes are managed by ERP software.


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