Characteristics of an IT outsourcing company specialized in Red Hat

October 20, 2023

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

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The information technology industry is constantly evolving, and companies are increasingly relying on advanced technological solutions to remain competitive in the global market.


A popular way to address technology demands is to outsource IT services to companies specializing in specific areas, such as Red Hat, a leading open source software solutions company.


When choosing an IT outsourcing company that specializes in Red Hat, it is crucial to consider certain key characteristics to ensure a successful and beneficial partnership for your business and that is what we will talk about in this article.


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Characteristics that an IT outsourcing company specialized in Red Hat must have

1. Experience and specialized knowledge

A good IT outsourcing company specialized in Red Hat must have a team that is highly trained and experienced in Red Hat technologies. This includes certified engineers and professionals who deeply understand the complexities of Red Hat solutions and can apply their knowledge effectively to address your company's specific challenges.


2. Certifications and accreditations

It is essential that the IT outsourcing company has relevant Red Hat certifications and accreditations. These certifications not only demonstrate the company's technical competence, but also ensure that they are up to date with the latest Red Hat technologies and best practices.


3. Technical support and maintenance

A good IT outsourcing company not only provides initial solutions but also offers strong technical support and ongoing maintenance services. This ensures that any issues or challenges that arise are addressed in a timely and efficient manner, minimizing downtime and optimizing system performance.

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4. Focus on security

The security of data and systems is of utmost importance in today's digital world. The IT outsourcing company must have robust security measures and be aware of the latest security threats and vulnerabilities. They must implement advanced security practices to protect their company's data and systems.


5. Flexibility and adaptability

Each company has unique needs. A good IT outsourcing company should be flexible and adaptable enough to customize its solutions according to the specific requirements of your business. They must be able to scale services as needed and adjust their approaches to meet the changing demands of the market and their business.


Key Red Hat tools that an IT outsourcing company should handle

Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL)

RHEL is Red Hat's enterprise operating system. A Red Hat company should have experience installing, configuring, managing, and optimizing RHEL to meet the needs of its customers.


Red Hat OpenShift

“Red Hat OpenShift, the industry-leading hybrid cloud application platform powered by Kubernetes, brings together proven and trusted services to reduce the friction of application development, modernization, deployment, execution and management. “OpenShift delivers a consistent experience across public cloud, on-premises, hybrid cloud, or edge architecture”, Red Hat explained in its documentation.



Ansible is an IT automation tool that can help businesses manage system configuration and deployment efficiently. Companies specializing in Red Hat are often experts in Ansible to automate management and deployment tasks.


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Red Hat Virtualization

Red Hat Virtualization is a virtualization platform based on the KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) hypervisor. Allows server virtualization and virtual machine management. A company specialized in Red Hat must be familiar with this technology to offer virtualization solutions to its clients.


Red Hat Satellite

Satellite is a systems management tool that helps in centralized administration, deployment and updating of Red Hat-based systems. Companies specializing in Red Hat often use Satellite to keep systems up to date and secure.


“It improves system consistency, reduces errors and meets compliance standards,” they noted in this article.


Red Hat JBoss Middleware

Red Hat JBoss Middleware includes a variety of products for the development, deployment, and management of enterprise applications. A company specialized in Red Hat must have experience in products such as Red Hat JBoss EAP (Enterprise Application Platform) and Red Hat Fuse to offer middleware solutions to its customers.


Git y GitHub

Git is a version control system widely used in software development. Red Hat companies often use Git and hosting platforms like GitHub to collaborate on open source projects and manage application source code.


When choosing an IT outsourcing company specializing in Red Hat, it is vital to consider these characteristics to ensure a fruitful and long-term partnership. A company that meets these criteria will not only provide advanced technological solutions, but will also become a reliable and valuable partner for your company in the ever-changing world of information technology.


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