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March 28, 2022

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mobile app development


Mobile applications have also become an integral part of people's daily lives. From mobile banking to social media, mobile apps have changed the way people interact with technology and each other. Businesses have also recognized the importance of having a mobile presence, and many have invested in developing mobile apps to better connect with their customers.


Given this context, the growth of the mobile application market has been impressive. In fact, this market was valued at $206.85 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a compound annual rate of 13.8% between 2023 and 2030, according to the Market Analysis Report published by Grand View Research.


“The ubiquity of smartphones, the increase in Internet use, and the use of technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning in mobile applications point to future growth in demand for mobile applications”, they noted in the report.


mobile app development


In 2022, users downloaded 255 million mobile mobile applications, Statista indicated in one of its recent reports, which shows the impact that mobile apps have on the daily life of all people around the world.


The video game sector is the most comprehensive in the mobile applications market, followed by the photo and video sector. Social media applications and those related to health and fitness are also in high demand.


Reasons why a company should have a mobile application

  • Increased reach and visibility

Mobile apps can reach a broader and more diverse audience than other communication channels. In addition, a mobile application is available at all times, which means that customers can access it anytime, anywhere.


  • Customer loyalty

A mobile app can improve customer loyalty by allowing them to interact in a more personalized and frequent way with the brand. Additionally, push notifications can be an effective tool to keep customers updated on special offers, promotions, and product updates.


mobile app development


  • Improved user experience

A well-designed and easy-to-use mobile app can significantly improve the user experience and increase customer satisfaction. Applications can also be customized to suit individual customer needs and preferences.


  • Increase in operational efficiency

Mobile apps can help businesses improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by automating processes and simplifying tasks. For example, an inventory management application can make it easier to track inventory levels and prevent product shortages.


  • Competitive advantage

A well-designed and functional mobile app can set a business apart from its competitors as it can provide a unique and personalized user experience. Furthermore, an app can be seen as a sign of innovation and commitment to technology on the part of the company.


Best practices in mobile app development that you should keep in mind

Giving importance to planning and budgeting

Although many think that developing a mobile application is cheap, it really all depends on the type of application and the features you want to include. By not doing the budget calculation well, many projects end up failing.


mobile app development


“A developer working with a low and limited budget will end up training a low quality product. If the developer is not given enough time to develop an application, there is a high probability that the project will be incomplete or that the mobile application will be of poor quality", they warned in this regard in research published in the Aayushi International Interdisciplinary Research Journal.


Define the audience

Every application must have a well-defined audience to which it will be directed, this will help when creating the concept and the functionalities of the application. Every application must respond to the needs of its target audience. “The lack of analysis will make the application of little value in the market. The mobile application must be created according to the interests of the target audience and if this fails, software development will go in the wrong direction”, they added in the same investigation that we cited a moment ago.


Team autonomy

One of AWS's main recommendations is that teams should have autonomy when working on a project, so they feel empowered and strive to deliver the best possible result for their customers.


“Autonomy builds motivation, opens the door to creativity, and develops a culture of risk-taking in an environment of trust. While embracing a culture of ownership is not inherently technical, it remains one of the most challenging aspects of modern mobile app development", stated in their documentation. Empowering teams to become product owners means changing the mindset of your organization, the structure of your teams, and the work they are responsible for.


mobile app development


Using microservices

Improves application resiliency, provides granular scale to control costs, optimizes team productivity, enables teams to experiment with less risk, supports faster adoption of new technologies, enables new features to be integrated quickly and securely.


Performance vs battery

Although mobile app developers will always want to create the best performing app possible, it is true that they also need to consider how the battery will behave with this performance. The recommendation is the following: depending on the battery, the most appropriate performance of the mobile application will be defined.


Mobile app development is a complex process that requires a careful approach and a series of best practices to achieve a high-quality app. By following best practices in areas such as architecture, user interface design, security, and performance optimization, developers can ensure a great user experience and a reliable and secure application.


mobile app development


In addition, it is important to consider accessibility and inclusivity in the design of the application to ensure that it can be used by all users, regardless of their abilities or limitations. Ultimately, best practices in mobile app development are essential to ensure app success and user satisfaction.


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