Comparison of payment processors: see the best systems

April 21, 2022

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E-commerce has flourished in recent years as companies have diversified the way they sell their products due to the pandemic. And, of course, online payment processors have played a fundamental role since it is through them that companies can process the sales and payments they receive.


Here we give you a sample of the most used payment processors in the technology industry, which stand out for their efficiency and versatility.


Global / USA




It is a monetization platform that facilitates your online sales worldwide. It serves both for the sale of digital products and for traditional companies and ventures. You will be able to accept payments online anytime, anywhere.


It has a modular design that greatly facilitates the use of the platform, covering needs such as:

  • Global payments
  • Digital commerce
  • Subscription billing
  • Partner Sale


2checkout was founded in 2006, it has more than 20 thousand active clients, with 4 global offices offering the service in more than 180 countries.






It offers a secure payment infrastructure for your business on the Internet, adapting to companies of all sizes, whether they are startups, medium-sized companies or large corporations. With Stripe you can accept payments, make transfers and more to grow your business. 


Among the great benefits of Stripe is that it is not only a platform to facilitate online payments, but also offers solutions and products to combat fraud, users can also process both virtual and physical credit cards and send invoices.


And with the powerful APIs that this platform works with, it makes it much easier to integrate company systems with the payment platform.


Among the payment options it accepts are:

  • Cards
  • Digital wallets
  • Bank transfers and debits
  • Cash vouchers





It is a Visa solution that allows not only to process payments with traditional credit cards, but also supports contactless payments and accepts electronic checks in person and on the go.


The good thing about Authorize.net is that it offers various types of payment gateways depending on the company's need:

  • Online payments
  • Point of sale
  • Platform for mobile payments and telephone payments
  • Tool to process billing
  • eCheck, to accept payments by check
  • Mobile card readers, to turn a phone into a mobile point of sale


With this platform, your customers will be able to pay through different services such as Discover, Paypal, Apple Pay and with Visa, Master Card, American Express cards, among others.






It is a means of payment with which users can make purchases in millions of stores around the world in a simple and secure way. It also works as a wallet, you can register bank accounts, credit cards and not only pay, but also receive payments. Thousands of stores around the world trust PayPal to manage their electronic businesses, such as Spotify, Walmart, Uber, Rappi, Google Play, among others.


Advantages of this platform:

  • It can be used both in online store and in physical store.
  • Easy to use and easy to set up, your team will adapt quickly.
  • It can be integrated with your accounting systems.
  • Its price is reasonable: it only charges 2.7% of each transaction made on its website and there are no fees for having a Paypal account.






In the ranking of payment processors, Stax is among the first places, as it simplifies payments efficiently thanks to its all-in-one platform. More than 20 thousand businesses use this platform, with more than 23 billion payments processed. Customer satisfaction is 98%.


It supports all kinds of payments, from online, mobile or contactless payments, offering its customers the ease of paying using the method they prefer.


Advantages of Stax:

  • You don't need to have an additional subscription or host your site on Stax to have this paid solution.
  • It offers wireless payment solutions for a wide variety of mobile providers.
  • It is a simple, cost-effective and hassle-free solution.
  • Companies only have to pay a fixed monthly subscription for the Stax service.








It is the payment gateway of the Metrobank bank in Panama. It supports credit and debit card payments, also cash payments, as well as payments with POS transactions and bank transfer payments.




Credicorp bank


It is a Panamanian banking institution that has a payment gateway for companies, which allows them to receive payments and make transactions easily and quickly. It supports credit and debit card payments, also cash payments, as well as payments with POS transactions and bank transfer payments.


Credicorp Bank






It is an online payment solution used by more than 200,000 businesses around the world, providing more than 400 local means of payment. This platform is presented as local experts in global payments, since wherever the trade is located, it will be able to receive payments from all over the world. 


PayU adapts to the requirements of companies of any industry and size, having optimal relationships with the best banks and having alternative payment methods. PayU is present in Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, as well as in countries in Europe and Africa.


Advantages of PayU

  • Guaranteed security in each of the transactions
  • It is comfortable and fast
  • Offers more than 30 payment methods
  • Raise business positioning




Look at this comparative table of all payment gateways:





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