Continuous Integration System: The life cycle of a software

June 18, 2021

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Continuous Integration (CI) is a DevOps practice (a collaboration between development teams and operations) focused on the creation, application, and software optimization to minimize the percentage of failures achieving greater efficiency and effectiveness, improve the quality of virtual tools and publish new updates that connect us with the world.


nearshore software development


Continuous Integration (CI) is composed of the following phases

  1. Creation: Part of the planning. The developer looks for viable options to positively influence the connection between people and the world of technology, providing diverse business possibilities.

  2. Tests: Executed through the data set and virtual environment conditions.

  3. Development of updates: Accompanies and studies the activities of Continuous Integration of the software, verifying its functionality and implementing changes in the code in the production or testing phase.


Why should be used?

It is ideal, thanks to the systematization and continuity that will determine the necessary transformation processes for a large percentage of businesses or companies that are at the forefront of a technological level. Also, it is important to take into account the following aspects:

  • Improves the productivity of development: Foster's behaviors that help reduce the number of errors and accelerate marketing.

  • Identify and modify more quickly: Performing frequent tests can discover and fix system failures.

  • Delivery of updates: Continuous integration allows your team to deliver updates to customers with greater consistency and ease.

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The system is characterized by aspects that are striking for those who want to use it. In this scenario, the new tools are betting on positioning themselves worldwide and having a natural impact on the development of technology. Among these, stand out:

  • Immediate Repair: Detects the conditions that interfere with the software objective instantaneously.

  • Accelerate the time to marketing: Knowledge of failures will improve the quality of the system to optimally promote the company business.

  • Communication: The changes executed in the system will offer a greater possibility of connecting with users.

  • Simplify: Minimize the actions of human talent giving an opening to technological development in all its nature.

nearshore software development


Day by day the market grows exponentially and businesses or companies have a greater boom due to the upgrade in technology. Implementing continuous integration fosters detailed work, facilitates the actions of human talent and will create a productive relationship in your organization, achieving the connection with the whole world.


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