Develop your own software or buy a prefabricated one?

June 18, 2021


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In order to determine what is best to develop a software than buying an already developed one, the first thing that the company must do is a cost and benefit analysis, since these two factors are the most important at the time of making any development. The first thing that a company must establish is that when doing a Custom Software Development the quality of the product will be directly attached to the activity of the company. The main reasons why a company decides not to do a Custom Software Development is because of the lack of capital to hire a company that has all the required experts, lack of manufacturing experience or simply that when buying one already developed will have a wide selection in the market, however when buying a software already made all the activity of the company should be adapted to this Software unlike if a custom software is developed it will be molded to each one of the activities that does the company When a company decides to make a Custom Software Development, it will transform all of its activities into processes and establish compliance with the tasks in a systematic and organized way, unlike if you buy a software already made the company will depend on another external company to be able to establish the criteria, changes and fulfillment of tasks, and at the time of requesting any adjustment, they always depend on this external company, which results in a constant expense. What characteristics collaborate with the company when making the decision to make a Custom Software Development or buy an already made one? - - Cost of Development. - Quality - Service. - Security. The biggest benefit of a company when performing a Custom Software Development, is that each process is designed just for it and there is no other similar process, the security of your data is only handled by the company and the most important thing is that that modifications or adjustments can be done to the Software if the company changes over time.