DevOps: the best programming languages for this technological solution

February 08, 2023

Tags: Technologies, IT Staff Augmentation

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One of the most common practices today during the development and execution of technological products is DevOps. The word literally means development and production, thus being the union of people, processes and technology.


DevOps, by working with infrastructure automation, requires up-to-date programming and scripting knowledge. They also work with bugs in software development, infrastructure management, and testing, all of these practices tied to the programming language with which the technology project is being created.


Therefore, every engineer who is dedicated to DevOps must handle several programming languages to be able to do their job. Let's review the most important ones.





Programming Languages and Scripting for DevOps Engineers







Golang is a programming language created in a special open source project to make developers more productive. Its concurrency mechanisms make it easy to write programs that take full advantage of multicore and networked machines, while its novel type of system allows for the construction of flexible and modular programs.


Being fast, GoLang is ideal for a DevOps team that needs efficient execution times over the network.







It is one of the most popular programming languages in the world and also ideal for DevOps. Its ease of learning for beginners and variety of libraries with modules to perform DevOps tasks only increase its popularity.


Python is mostly used for automation tasks because of its readability and concise syntax. Being an interpreted language, it can be executed quickly, compared to other compiled languages such as Java, for example. Python scripts can be run directly on the server, making deployment easy.







DevOps engineers use Bash to create deployment scripts intended to do the heavy lifting of launching applications. Scripts from this open source tool are also used for a variety of purposes, most notably their use in automated installations and configuration management.


Bash scripts are also used in building Docker base images and CI/CD pipelines. DevOps teams prefer Bash for all automation tasks.







As defined in their official documentation “PowerShell is a cross-platform task automation solution made up of a command line shell, a scripting language, and a configuration management framework. PowerShell runs on Windows, Linux, and macOS.


DevOps engineers often use scripts generated with Powershell for common tasks such as system administration, application deployment, and infrastructure management. They also use them in data manipulation and analysis.







Javascript can be defined as a high-level, dynamic, interpreted language used with HTML web applications. It is also used for non-web documents such as PDFs and desktop widgets.


JavaScript was originally developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape under the name Mocha, which was later renamed to LiveScript, eventually becoming JavaScript. JavaScript is a scripting language that allows you to create dynamically updating content, control multimedia, animate images, and just about everything else.


These five languages are the most important among the DevOps community, every engineer or person who is dedicated to this must know them in depth to be able to work with them in any project where he is involved.


At Rootstack we have DevOps experts with knowledge in each of these languages, so you can be sure that the contribution they make to your technological project will be of high quality, bringing benefits to your company.


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