The Digital Identity of Tomorrow

June 18, 2021

Tags: Technologies

digital signature


In previous posts, we’ve talked about the benefits of introducing digital signatures. It is interesting to mention that ValidatedID technology not only provides this service but also has VidChain, a solution that helps generate a digital identity and provides companies with secure access processes for their users.


VIDchain offers a Blockchain-based decentralized self-sovereign identity (SSI) service to give people back control over their identity and facilitate secure user access to online services.


Benefits for users:


  • Security: Cryptography and Blockchain allow your identity to be always protected.
  • Simplicity: You validate your digital identity with whoever you want in an easy way.
  • Universal: Based on standards that eliminate the need for hundreds of credentials.


Benefits for companies


  • Efficiency: Improve processes and reduce identity verification costs.
  • Security: Implement secure identification processes and improve anti-fraud measures in compliance with eIDAS and GDPR.


digital signature




Universities: Allows students to interact with multiple educational centers for enrollment and homework. E-commerce: Streamlines and improves the security of purchasing processes. Financial services: Optimizes onboarding, KYC or AML processes with legal certainty. Public administrations: It offers high-level solutions for remote digital identification.


At Rootstack, we are experts in implementing this type of technology to facilitate and simplify your processes and operations. Do not hesitate to contact us if you want to know how to take advantage of the benefits that VIDchain has to offer for your business.


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