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November 08, 2022

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One of the jobs that have grown exponentially in recent years, without a doubt, has been that of software developer. Companies need skilled labor to create their new software and maintain existing ones, a job that software developers do.


That is why young people, when deciding their professional future, go to the technological area, looking for opportunities as software developers since it is a fairly large market and there are many possibilities to grow as a professional.


Table of Contents

  • What does a software developer do?
  • First steps to become a software developer
  • Software Developer - Job Description


What does a software developer do?


Let's start by defining, in simple words, what a software developer does: he or she is in charge of designing and writing the code to build a software product or platform.


desarrollo de software


A software developer is trained to build from a web page to accounting applications and video games. Through code, they give shape to any idea that customers have.


In addition to technical skills, a software developer must have soft skills to know how to identify user needs and transform that into an efficient digital solution.


On the shoulders of the software developer, there is also the responsibility of testing the software he creates to monitor its operation and adjust errors, as well as perform maintenance on the applications that already exist in the company.


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desarrollo de software


A software developer can also:


  • Design algorithms and flowcharts, they explain in Workable.
  • Integrate software components and third-party programs.
  • Debug and upgrade existing software.
  • Recommend and run improvements
  • Create technical documentation on the platforms created.



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First steps to become a software developer


Ok, we know that the essential thing to become a software developer is to handle technical aspects as basic as a programming language. It's true, but first create a kind of roadmap with all the steps to follow to start your career in the world of software development.


desarrollo de software


If you want to be a software developer, first:


  • Study. Whether you're going to college or self-taught and applying for various certifications, the first step will be to study for a technology-related career such as computer engineering, computer science, or systems engineering.
  • Gain experience. Along with your studies, you can start having small practices developing your own platforms and codes, so you will apply what you learn immediately.
  • Certifications. They are very important since, in addition to obtaining the apprenticeship, they are a great support when looking for a job since employers will be able to verify your knowledge.
  • Briefcase. All these projects that you do alongside your studies will allow you to put together a portfolio. This is important as it brings together all your experience and skills so far.
  • With the study, experience, certifications, and portfolio, you are ready to jump into the workforce to find a job.


Software Developer - Job Description


In general, when companies publish their software developer vacancies, they reflect the following characteristics and needs to be covered by this role.


Regarding technical skills, they request that the software developer:


  • Have experience as a software developer in previous projects.
  • That works as agile development methodologies.
  • Who knows or has worked with programming languages such as JavaScript, Python, Java, C#, PHP, HTML, among others.
  • Database experience.
  • Knowledge of UX design.
  • Write and implement code efficiently.
  • Test, evaluate new programs and propose improvements.


desarrollador de software


As for soft skills, they are:


  • Know how to communicate clearly and effectively with the work team.
  • Agility and ingenuity when solving problems.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Ability to quickly learn new technologies.
  • Analytical mind.
  • Skills to adapt quickly.


These are the most requested features in a software developer. If you are a company looking for developers, you can build the profile you need based on the points explained above. And, At Rootstack, you have the best team of software engineers available to work on your next project. Contact us!


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