Do you want to hire software developers? Take these aspects into account

January 19, 2023

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hire software developers


The digital transformation of companies is in total growth and expansion. Many business leaders realized during the pandemic that it was absolutely essential to move their businesses online – whether through a website or mobile application – in order to stay alive in a complex global reality. This grew the software development market considerably, as all companies were looking to hire software developers through any means.


One of the main motivations for companies when adopting a digital business model is to improve the efficiency of operations, revealed a graph shared by Finances Online. They also seek this digital transformation to meet user demands, as well as improve the quality of their products and reduce development costs.


And the investment in business software is getting higher and higher: according to a Statista report, the investment in 2020 was 529 billion dollars and it is expected that in 2023 the investment will rise to 755 billion dollars.


hire software developers


All companies want to improve employee productivity, better run their business, and meet customer expectations. These are goals that many businesses are achieving by hiring software developers to integrate them into their in-house teams.


Why hire software developers is so valuable?


Your business may have an in-house team of software developers, but depending on the project at hand, you may need a specific software developer profile, someone who has enough experience in the project you want to create, they comment on a Forbes article. This is a scenario where hiring software developers is more than justified.


hire software developers


It may also be that the project needs special hard skills or some certification. Outsourcing software developers are known to be quite up to date when it comes to new technologies and development tools.


When hiring software developers, experience plays a decisive role, because this will inject more quality into your project, efficiency, and generally experienced developers have more skills when solving a problem.


contratar desarrolladores de software


Aspects to evaluate when hiring software developers


  • You must have essential technical skills, handle the most used programming languages, or at least be an expert in the language your project needs. If you are a fullstack developer, even better.
  • Software developers, although they love to work alone, generally have to work in a team with other profiles, so it is important that they have interpersonal, communication and teamwork skills, so that they can carry out projects successfully.
  • Along with technical and interpersonal skills, when hiring software developers you should consider whether they have critical thinking skills. This will help them critically analyze problems, creating various solutions.
  • The ability to constantly learn and adapt is essential, because the world of technology is always changing and transforming. A project goes through many phases, setbacks can appear, moments in which you have to investigate, learn from it and find solutions to adapt to new scenarios.
  • In a project there are dates of delivery of results. A software developer must have the ability to manage their time around tasks and goals.
  • Communication skills are important to be able to exchange doubts, requirements and points of view about the project. A software developer who does not communicate easily can be a problem and can affect the project in the medium and long term.


contratar desarrolladores de software


Questions to ask before hire software developers


In addition to evaluating the aspects that we mentioned above, you can apply these simple questions to the profiles of software developers, to learn a little more about them and their way of working:


  • What type of leadership motivates you the most at work?
  • How would your coworkers describe you?
  • How do you handle stress?
  • What is the ideal work environment like for you, what motivates you the most?
  • What was the worst work environment you've ever been in?
  • Would you like to work in a team or alone?


contratar desarrolladores de software


With this information that we have just given you in this article, you can start the search and review of profiles to finalize the hiring of software developers for your project. Do you need expert software engineers and developers? At Rootstack, we have +10 years of experience supporting companies in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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