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June 18, 2021

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The effectiveness of a website is measured by the usability, user experience and loading times provided by each site. Having dynamic, unique and simple elements will increase traffic, improve the search engine positioning and transmit the correct message of the company to each of the users.


But, What does the user expect when visiting the company website? What functionalities should the site have to be successful? What is the user's ultimate interest in my company's website? How to maintain continuous interest in users?


Surely you have had some of these questions about your website and in order to optimize your investment in this blog you will find tips to turn your current website into an efficient and beneficial site for your company.


web development

Do you want your website to be efficient?

  • Set goals

It is indispensable that at the moment of requiring an improvement in the site the objectives are defined.


  • What type of audience will visit the site? Where do we want to go?

In order with our strategy as a company, we will focus on the objectives of the new digital platforms to be implemented that will help with online identity, directly involving the end user.


  • Design on trends

The design plays an important role since it is the first thing the user sees when entering the site, the user will notice if the design of his website is not updated and will be critical about complicity, loading times and usability by transmitting the experience in the recurrence of his visit.


With the technological advance in which we live we can not be left behind, the company must follow the line of demands of the user on the digital trends and create updates plans on the website.


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  • Optimal content

Content is critical to traffic, if your site has easy-to-understand content, eye-catching titles and quality information, you can engage recurring visits to the site.


The constant updates in the content helps having an efficient website and improve our positioning.


  • Technology

The technology in which your website will be developed or subsequent updates will be crucial and depending on the company's objective with the site may request the technology that best suits your needs.


Depending on the amount of content and functionality you expect to have, it will be easier to make the decision.


In Rootstack we use open source technologies capable of making it easy for customers to manage the site with simple and unrestricted platforms on the code developed.


Being leaders in Panama with a large portfolio of local and international clients, we will adapt your needs with customized solutions.


  • Optimization

Take into account the trends, it is likely that more than 60% of users who visit your site is from a mobile device. For this reason, it is important to consider the implementation of a responsive site or develop a mobile version of each functionality.


If the user enters the site from the mobile and has a complicated design or takes a lot of time loading, the user will leave and will be very difficult to return in an organic way.


You can add features that simplify the site:

Automated search engine: Able to perform massive searches of information throughout the site guiding the user about the location and existence of each search.


Link to social networks: So that the user is redirected to corporate networks to see the digital management that the company gives.


Action buttons: You could implement buttons on the different sections so that the user can contact the company quickly.


web development

  • Quality and transparency

The impact that the site has on the internet and the quality will depend on the final product that gives access to the customer, facilitating to the users certain processes that they manage with the company.


For example, if you have telecom subscription plans the customer could access their account from the website to view their account statement, opt for a higher plan and even make online payments from the site.
On the other hand, your workers would be up to date on each query, payment made and new status of each client, generate users to each client who requests it, expand functionalities from the site depending on the type of subscription.


As a customer focus you will be able to perform improvements that generate positive action for each user by strengthening the business identity with the automation of processes managed with the client, making the website efficient for users and for our company.


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