5 main characteristics of a good dedicated development team

November 10, 2022

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equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Every company wants the best-dedicated development team, right? But, to find it, you must know well what are the characteristics that define a good team of this type. This selection and hiring are decisive since it will mark the success or failure of product development for your company.


Many companies have internal software development teams, although sometimes they fall short in the face of high market demand: they do not have enough staff, they lack work tools and, furthermore, they do not develop digital solutions as quickly as needed.


Table of Contents

  • What is a dedicated software development team?
  • Characteristics that define a dedicated software development team
  • Innovation is important in dedicated software development teams


What is a dedicated software development team?


This is where dedicated software development teams come into play: these are teams that come to work at your company on a temporary basis, with the sole purpose of dealing with your project and executing the tasks that your company needs. They are specialists who only work on the development of their software, without diverting attention to other projects.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


These teams are provided by a software service provider, who is responsible for the selection of profiles and all associated administrative tasks. The company that hires them should not be in charge of any administrative work, such as payroll, for example.


Characteristics that define a dedicated software development team


Clear communication


As such, in the world of software development, engineers and developers must be able to maintain clear communication for projects to progress successfully. The members of a dedicated software development team are just that, a team, and they must work in sync, for which assertive communication is essential.


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equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Balanced skills in the team


When evaluating and hiring a dedicated software development team, look at how skills are distributed within the team. A good team must be made up of multifunctional profiles, that is, there must not only be developers but also systems analysts and testers so that, together, they develop the software, carry out tests and detect any anomaly so that it can be adjusted during the software development cycle. 




Adaptability in dedicated software development teams


Dedicated software development teams must be flexible and mature enough to be able to adapt to any company that hires them, regardless of environment, industry, or project type. The world is very diverse, there are companies that work in a certain way, under certain conditions, methods and technologies.


Here, what is most valued in a dedicated software development team is that it works as if it were an internal team, fully aligned with the guidelines and objectives of the company that hired them.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Innovation is important in dedicated software development teams


In the technology industry, innovation is essential to maintain the quality of the software products created. You should see if the dedicated software development team you are going to hire is interested in innovation or if they apply it to their current processes. It is essential to keep up to date with new technologies and updates.


equipo dedicado de desarrollo


Fix dependencies


A dedicated software development team, upon joining your company, may have certain dependencies on the local team. Here, the value is that the dedicated team knows how to manage internally to solve these dependencies and that this does not affect the evolution of the project.


These are some of the characteristics you should look for in a dedicated software development team in order for you to successfully build your project. At Rootstack, we have +10 years supporting companies from different industries in their digital transformation. Contact us!


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