e-Commerce Day Panama 2017

June 18, 2021


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On November 14, the "eCommerce Day" was held in Panama City, the objective of the event was to show the impact of the Internet for the current market and different technologies to take advantage of opportunities and venture into new sales channels. The event was attended by a large number of entrepreneurs who were looking for guidance on the subject, know e-Commerce platforms and steps to get their project started, as well as executives from different companies achieving exchange of experiences, business cases, new trends and challenges of the sector for the region in the hands of prominent national and international exhibitors. E-Commerce Day Panama 2017, had a series of conferences where interesting points were made as the needs of e-Commerce in Panama. In summary there are four points that were made clear so e-Commerce can be successful. - **Security:** Platforms that bring their consumers security achieve the point of increasing sales. While there is a positive perception of online shopping and it’s easily adopted, the panelists made it clear that the analytics show that there is still 30% of consumers who do not feel safe when using e-Commerce. - **Better Platforms:** The technology used for e-Commerce platforms is essential, they should be intuitive and flexible platforms since customers want quick purchases in simple steps. - **Economy:** A differentiating aspect that can be offered in an online store is to be more competitive in costs. A point that was very much discussed is the success in other countries of these platforms to sell cheaper than in physical stores. - **Improve Shipping Costs:** a factor that often limits purchases online is the cost and time of shipments. As mentioned by Diego Cerda (Director of e-Commerce Latam at P&G) the delivery times will depend on the business sector and the needs of the consumer. As a conclusion to the conference cycle, it can be said that e-Commerce must be more than digital commerce, it is to achieve customer experience that is easy, fast and secure. In terms of organization, it was positive as well as the attendance of the event, but at the stand level it lacked a bit more dynamism to capture the attention of the attendees with demonstrations and solutions demos. One of the ecommerce solutions that made a presence at the event and is in fact, interesting, was Merkdoo where you can make purchases online in supermarkets and plan the shipment home, with a single shipping cost. However, consulting the stands indicated that the costs per product can vary up to 12%.