Is eCommerce the future?

June 18, 2021

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E-commerce has come to stay, being one of the technological advances that has impacted the market. At the business level, it is essential to have a store capable of meeting safety and quality standards for the online sale of products. The user will be able to take all the time that he wants in the search of a product, to see the specifications, images of multiple angles, to select brands, sizes, colors before buying, avoiding to have to move to a place, to wait that what likes this in stock and comply with the regular shop hours.


An e-commerce site works as an optimal tool without depending on the size of the company or type of industry. It consists of the purchase and sale of products or services that manages an inventory along with the possibility of receiving payments online in multiple platforms. According to eMarketer In 2016, total e Commerce retail sales (not including travel, restaurant and event ticket sales) across the globe will reach $1.915 trillion (£1.51 trillion), accounting for 8.7% of total retail spending worldwide.


As a great opportunity in the market allows to have products available 24 hours a day and with access from anywhere in the world. Easily a user could create an account inside the online store, fill in their information and quietly buy what they want. As a strategy we could have related articles on each product to attract new sales.


ecommerce solution


But, what benefits does an eCommerce website bring to your company?


  • Reduce costs

    • With the implementation of an e-commerce store you can save local rental costs, salaries, utility expenses, among others. It will provide an optimal service for a smaller investment, will have direct contact with the client through an online tool.


  • Increase loyalty

    • It will have a platform available to everyone from anywhere at anytime 365 days a year. It generates loyalty with customers by knowing their interests, purchasing patterns and thus create catching strategies for new users.


  • New sales channel

    • It will have available to its clients a new channel of sales where their purchases will be fast, effective and immediate. You will have an order history and shopping cart to store products.


  • Security

    • Today, there are many users who do not rely on online shopping for exposure that their data. On the other hand, there are many payment platforms that meet all security standards where the website has stamps that certify the actual security of the data protection of each of the debit or credit cards entered. This will help you increase user confidence in transactions.


  • Personalized service

    • With an e-commerce store you can have product updates and information in real time giving users the ability to buy products online with unique profiles. You can implement online chat for your users as advice or support on some product or general topics of the store.


  • Inventory Control

    • It will achieve optimum inventory control with the reduction of inventory errors, ensuring the availability of the products and reducing the response times or search of information of the users.


ecommerce website


Different types of ecommerce


As you will start to realize as you being to read deeper into this article, there are different types of softwares for different types of ecommerce businesses. Meaning the one you choose, will depend on what type of ecommerce you’re planning to implement.


B2B Ecommerce


B2B or Business to Business is the most popular kind of ecommerce (with 80% of the total electronic market being represented by this category) and it’s based on the electronic commerce between companies or businesses.


B2C Ecommerce


B2C or Business to Customer comes right after B2B as the most popular ecommerce type and it’s based on the direct commerce between the business (or companies) and the costumer.


B2E Ecommerce


B2E or Business to Employee focuses more on the relationship between the company and its workforce and it’s based on the idea of automatizing corporate affairs related to the employees


C2C Ecommerce


C2C or Customer to Customer is simply based around the commerce than happens between customers or consumers.


We can conclude that an e-commerce development will help you increase your sales, gain new customers, and increase the trust of your existing customers at a low investment cost, saving space and staff. It will have direct contact without intermediaries on the products or services that your company handles to a smaller investment improving the traffic and positioning of your company.


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