Advantages of an ERP software in the textile industry

October 03, 2022

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An ERP software will always be a good option if you want to automate your company's procedures and, above all, unify the data of all departments so that it is always up to date and accessible to all work teams. The ERP platform is a business planning system that enhances the productivity of both businesses and teams.


There are many advantages of implementing an ERP in your company since it centralizes and automates routine accounting processes, it also gives access to an updated inventory; Likewise, with the CRM modules offered by ERP platforms, the relationship with customers can be managed in a closer and more effective way, increasing customer retention and conversion.


Flexibility is one of the most valuable features of ERP software because it adapts to any type of environment, business, and industry. Whether you are a supermarket chain or a construction company, an ERP software serves you equally without any limitations.


erp software


ERP software in the textile industry: Why is it so beneficial?


In recent years, especially the textile industry has taken advantage of ERP software. It is an industry with very complex and long processes, which technology can greatly facilitate and speed up.


“The textile industry generally involves long and complicated processes such as procurement, manufacturing, product distribution, channel management and sales generation. Another important step is quality control, from raw materials to finished products”, they explained in an article published by the Deskera portal.


Seeing this panorama of the textile industry, ERP software comes as a "saving" option, since it helps companies in the administration of the entire commercial process.


erp software


“The software helps improve the management of critical areas of textile production, such as raw materials, finance, inventory, quality, plant management, etc. All these functionalities are intertwined and can communicate with each other without problems”, they added in the same article.


Usefulness of an ERP software in a textile company


  • Streamline supply chain management


Obtaining the textile raw material is a process full of complexities and the supply chain is almost always international. In this case, an ERP system can perfectly help companies to monitor and manage the entire supply chain, both to monitor that the entire process is carried out satisfactorily or to fix problems as soon as they occur.


  • Increases the efficiency of the company's processes


As an ERP software brings together all the departments and areas of the company, it will be easier to track each of the processes and steps that the teams are carrying out. Failures in the supply chain, or shortfalls in inventory, for example, can be detected and resolved on time without affecting production or customers.


erp software


  • Facilitates the returns process


“Textile manufacturing ERP systems streamline the returns process by providing a consolidated database for merchandise return agreements. The terms of the return policy, shipping, package tracking and account credits are easily managed through the ERP systems' integrative tool suites," they detailed on the subject in an article on the Top10ERP portal.


  • ERPs are scalable


The scalability of ERP platforms is one of the characteristics that companies like the most, since they can make a gradual implementation depending on their needs. For example, if you are a small textile company, you can work with an ERP adapted to your context. And as the company grows, the ERP software can scale and meet the requirements naturally.


erp software


  • Improve inventory management


In a textile company, supply and production management is the heart of the business; but inventory management is also essential to keep product flowing and not stopping. Likewise, by managing inventory well, you are guaranteeing your customers that they will always have the product whenever they need it. With ERP software, managing the inventory of a textile company becomes a simple task, increasing productivity and efficiency.


“ERP systems can automate almost all major inventory tasks, from generating pick lists to automatically synchronizing inventory and monitoring shortages and overages. Most are easy to integrate with commercially available barcode scanner systems, allowing employees to accurately record selections with a single click of the scanner,” Top10ERP experts added.


erp software


ERP software is reigning in all industries, because it unifies all the company's information on a single platform, always being available to anyone who needs it. This helps make better business decisions and makes it possible for teams to work in sync towards the same goal.


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