Benefits of an ERP software in the furniture industry

September 21, 2022

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erp software


For modern industry, it is almost vital to have a system that allows you to automate and manage all internal processes in one place, without having to resort to various software to achieve it. This is what is achieved with an ERP software.


An enterprise resource planning or ERP software is a system that helps a business manage its finances, supply chain, reporting, trading, operations, manufacturing, and even human resources.


A large number of companies worldwide have some type of financial system, but the available software does not cover more than daily business processes, so having an ERP is vital today.


Which industries benefit from an ERP software


As we mentioned before, any company within any industrial branch can use an ERP software in its internal processes to streamline them and make them easier for the personnel in charge of them, but these specific industries will benefit even more from this system:


  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Professional services
  • Building
  • Industrial services
  • Furniture
  • Health care
  • Automotive parts
  • Transport and logistics
  • Steel
  • Food and drink
  • Telecommunications/Media


erp software


The specific benefits of an ERP software in the furniture industry


In the list presented, the furniture industry stands out as one of those that can benefit from an ERP software. Being an industry with numerous processes, both internal with its workers and external serving customers and importing/exporting products, having a system in which all these processes can be encompassed is a very useful tool.


These are the benefits they can get from an ERP software:


Increase in sales


Not only will a modern ERP software allow you to speed up and effectively manage your company's internal processes if it is implemented as a point of sale, but you can also manage any retail store you have and thus improve the experience with the customer and user, being This is key when it comes to satisfying the needs of the client and thus earning their trust and loyalty. Improving customer service is the key to increasing sales and having a successful company.


Reduce production costs


In Winman they explain “The latest ERP software packages include intelligent product configuration, which can minimize the amount of administration required throughout the furniture ordering, manufacturing, and delivery process. Accuracy is increased throughout the process and waste can be reduced to an absolute minimum. You will also be able to adhere to the principles of load-based production and efficient delivery planning.”


Increased efficiency in inventory management


One of the weak points of a large company is inventory. Having to manage the entry and exit of thousands of products almost daily can mean an endless task for the team of workers in charge, but with a modern ERP software, this can be automated.


Materials in the furniture industry are expensive and we do not want to put the company's finances at risk, so the ERP manages the purchase of these materials according to historical data, the specific composition of the items it produces, and your current order schedule.


Avoid data islands


This is a term that you probably have not heard before. A furniture store can handle personalized orders, in addition to the conventional products that it makes available to its customers, which can mean a large amount of data that the staff must understand in order to work in harmony and have an efficient production line. The ERP software will allow all team members to work with the same data, thus guaranteeing a zero-waste environment, high product quality and reduced production times.


Control of orders


The furniture industry offers its customers a wide range of products, from a classic sofa to a complicated model to place in the living room, which can mean a nightmare when it comes to sorting them all in an e-commerce store or maintaining control of these within the systems of the physical store.


The ERP software includes a tool for product configuration, this allows you to maintain full control of them, in addition to benefiting in the ordering of raw materials and eliminating any waste and delay in production. Costs of fabric, lumber, dyes and other components can be managed in detail


State-of-the-art ERP software can make the notoriously complex nature of a furniture manufacturing process much easier to control.

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