First time working with nearshore developers

June 18, 2021

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nearshore software development


As team leader or head of your company, it is only normal to have doubts when it comes to working with a nearshore software development team for the very first time, specially when you consider the size of the project itself.


However, entering the world of software outsourcing doesn’t have to be a bumpy ride. If you take some points into consideration and take on the situation with professionalism, there’s not reason why your partnership with a nearshore software development team wouldn’t work out.


Things to keep in mind before working with nearshore software developers

We have a full on blog explaining detail to detail various non-thechinal aspects of working with a nearshore software developer, however, there are certain factors you have to consider before even close the deal with a nearshore software development team.


This centers around knowing the market you are about engage in and the pros and cons this option might represent for you and your company. The more you know about how this type of outsourcing works, the better.


nearshore software development


  • Too many providers to choose from

This is both a blessing and a curse. Nearshore software development is one of the biggest outsourcing markets in the world, which is why you’ll be able to find a lot of options to choose from.


It is during your search time that you should look for a provider that fits your company’s goals and that can successfully bring such a huge project to the desired result


  • Software development takes time

As a company you turn to nearshore software development to save yourself time and resources, however, it is vital to keep in mind that even when you’ve got a full team of experienced developers working on your project, developing a software takes time.


Just to give you an idea, completing a software development process could easily take up about 1,000 hours, especially if you’re looking for a great software (which you definitely should)


nearshore software development


  • Nearshore software development is accessible, not cheap

The reason many people choose to outsource their software processes is because it’s cheaper to hire a nearshore software development team than do the process on your own or hiring a onshore team.


Yes, nearshore outsourcing is way more accessible than the two other options mentioned before, however, you shouldn’t think about it as cheap. Remember, software development projects are expensive on their own, so keep that in mind.


Useful tips for your first time working with nearshore software developers

Now that you have chosen a nearshore software development team to outsource your software creation process, there are some things you might want to do or keep in mind when carrying this business partnership. Learn more about why are Nearshore Development services the ideal choice for US Companies?


nearshore software development


  • Get to know the level of expertise of the team

It is almost impossible and unrealistic to find a team in which every person is an experienced software developer, and that’s actually okay. However you should make sure that there’s a good percentage of certified software developers leading the team.


  • Ask about their software development process

As a company you have all the right to know about the way the provider works, and asking them how they are planning to take on this project and how they will manage it will clarify some important doubts you might have.


Not only that but it will help you have a better understanding on the whole thing, and most importantly get an insight on their work ethics, their methods and the technology they’re planning to use.


nearshore software development


  • Set viable communication channels

Like we previously mentioned, communication is key when working with nearshore software developers, which is why is paramount to establish viable communication channels from day one.


This means specifying over which method you’ll be communicating, how often, at what hours and so on. This is so both parties (you, and the provider) have a better communication system that will allow you to carry on this project smoothly.


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nearshore software development


  • Ask them for any previous work

This is so you can be sure the nearshore software development team has taken on similar projects like yours as is actually able to perform such heavy tasks and deliver the desired result on time.


As you can see, your first time working with nearshore developers doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. As long as you are mindful about what it is and what it takes, you can be completely sure you’ll be getting a great result.


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