How to become a Frontend Developer

February 16, 2022

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Web development is one of the most demanded professions today. Millions of young people in the world, and not so young, are deciding to learn about programming concepts and how to create a web page or the next fashionable mobile application from scratch, all this has unleashed a frantic search for information on networks about this field, so we will explain a little what Frontend development is.


When you enter a web page or an application, it immediately sends you to the start where you get the menu with all the features, including the site map, all this is inside the Frontend, the part of the app or website that is shown to the user.


What is Frontend development?


A Front-end developer is the one in charge of the design and implementation of the interface of the web page or mobile application. Your responsibility is to ensure that the design created by the web designer works correctly online, for this you use programming languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.


In contrast to a Backend developer and a Fullstack developer, it stands out that the Backend developer is in charge of the "behind the scenes" of the application or web page and the Fullstack developer would be a mixture of both, an expert in both parts of the development and that he can build an app from start to finish.


How to become a Frontend developer


1. Learn programming languages


The first step to being a successful frontend developer is learning programming languages, specifically CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. You can take advantage of all the free courses and tutorials that are available online to learn how to handle some of these languages.


2. Stay informed


Along with learning programming languages, you should keep up with all the updates and information on Frontend development. Look for pages and blogs of experts in the field and spend about two hours a day reading as much as you can, in addition to complementing it with videos on YouTube.


3. Practice


After finishing the theoretical part, comes the practice. With the knowledge you have, you can start by building some parts of a user interface and then expand it more and more until you have a complete interface.


4. Memorize the command lines


When deciding to pursue a profession within web development, one should have a basic understanding of concepts such as file viewing and file system navigation.


5. Constantly improve skills


Web development is constantly changing and moving, so it is advisable to improve skills through tutorials, tools and open-source projects. You can visit pages like freeCodeCamp, Codeacamedy. Bootstrap and Frontend Checklist where you can get the help you need.


By following these steps you can become a successful frontend developer, be part of a team at a software company like Rootstack, and create the apps and websites that will rule the digital world.


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