What tools does a Full Stack developer handle?

October 22, 2021

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A Full Stack Developer can appear in the dictionary as a synonym for versatile. With knowledge in Front End and Back End development, a Full Stack developer is one of the most sought after by software companies and one of the positions you have to learn right now.


To better understand what a Full Stack Developer is, we must know some terms. Essentially, web development has two parts: Front End and Back End development. Therefore, every web or mobile application includes these two parts. A Full Stack developer is one who has the knowledge to manage and create both parts, so they are very valuable professionals for large and small companies.


The basic tools that every Full Stack Developer should handle

It was clear that a Full Stack Developer is one that handles both layers of the development process of a web or mobile application, so their "portfolio" of skills and tools must be extensive and quite complete. There are some basic tools that you must handle to be an excellent professional and they are the following:


  • HTML / CSS handling


First of all, HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. Combined, both determine the appearance and navigation of a website, crucial to the user experience and this is left to the Full Stack Developer.


All Full Stack Developer must have an excellent handling of these technologies, possess the ability to create an intuitive, interactive Front End that hooks the user. With the use of HTML they must define the structure of the web page and with CSS put it into effect.


  • JavaScript


Essential, a tool that every Full Stack Developer must handle perfectly. JavaScript is a text-based programming language that is used on both the Front End and Back End of the server and allows you to make web pages interactive. While HTML and CSS are languages ​​that give structure and style to web pages, JavaScript provides web pages with interactive elements that attract the user.


A Full Stack Developer must have extensive knowledge of JavaScript that allows him to handle it at will and be able to use it in the creation of web pages, as well as he must have basic knowledge of React and Angular. It is also important that you stay abreast of all updates.


  • Git and Github


Every Full Stack Developer must have knowledge of how Git is handled and have a profile on GitHub. Git is a distributed version control system, in its short definition. It allows you to handle all the development needs and you can also manage all the changes made in applications, codes, websites and other information associated with the process of building a software.


Knowledge of Git enables Full Stack Developers to better collaborate and cooperate with their fellow developers.


  • Management of Back End languages


Already having a wide handling of HTML and JavaScript, all Full Stack Developer must handle the languages ​​used for the Back End layer of the applications equally. These include: PHP, Python, Ruby and Java.


  • Web Architecture


Since the main responsibility of a Full Stack Developer is to develop complex web and mobile applications from scratch, it is necessary for them to know web architecture. This is nothing more than knowing how to structure data in databases, structure code, categorize files, and carry out some other computational tasks.


These are just some of the tools that a Full Stack Developer should handle. At Rootstack we have a team of experts at this level and willing to solve our clients' technological problems.


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