A Glimpse On Last Week’s UX Event

June 18, 2021

Tags: IT Staff Augmentation

software development


On January 21st at 10 am, I led an online talk on “UX tips to Consider When Building a High-impact Site.” It was a great experience, and listeners from businesses across all industries and countries like Panama, the United States, Canada, Colombia, and many more joined us.


The webinar started going over UX design basics and why it is essential to build high-performing websites. I then focused on presenting many insightful and actionable tips on how to improve UX.


Some of these are:

1. Create a good SEO structure SEO targets search engines and ranks your site high or low, depending on your efforts’ success.

2. If you make the user wait… Set up an animation to buy time while loading and generate an “active wait.”

3. Test with your users Take your users into account while testing your product's performance, prioritizing the most common user profiles.

4. Check the bounce rate

5. Monitor Average Session Duration

6. Try Lighthouse


The event continued with space for all participants to ask questions and discuss any doubts with my best knowledge on how to deliver unique user-friendly experiences that make an impact.


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