Is a web designer the same as a web developer?

July 13, 2022

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Web development is the profession at the moment, thousands of people are already dedicating themselves to the creation and development of web pages and applications with which users interact on a daily basis, already forming part of their routine regardless of age. A web developer is aware that the pages and applications work correctly, but what does a web designer do?


In Elementor they limit that a web designer "is a graphic artist responsible for designing the design, usability and visual appearance of a website". For a web designer to be successful, he must have creativity and knowledge of the tools to design.


Functions of a web designer


The fundamental role of a web designer revolves around creating the design and visual aspects of the website or application. They aim to ensure that the page is visually pleasing and easy to use for the client or user, thus allowing visitors not to leave the page and visit it regularly.


They must create the overall design framework for the website, as well as “build elements that will convert, as well as design web pages in a way that translates well across multiple devices,” as detailed by Elementor.


Web designers must stay current on the latest web design trends and adhere to certain standards and best practices. They often deal with brand images, color palettes, fonts, etc.


Web designers must create and manage these resources or documents:


  • Web design contracts
  • Website Summaries
  • Website design quizzes
  • Website proposals


The work of a web designer does not end when the site is already online, he must ensure that all the elements of the interface work properly and that a positive experience is being provided for the user, which also complies with what is specified by the client. . A web designer must also take into account how the design of it affects the coding of the website.


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Types of web designers


A web designer is divided into two types UX and UI. We will explain in detail what each of these consists of:


The user interface design, or UI for short, is the one in charge of the graphic design as such of a mobile application or website. This covers the buttons the user clicks, the text they read, the images they view, the controls they swipe through the app with, text input fields, and all other elements they interact with.


A UI designer is also in charge of the transitions, the animations of the application interface and all the microinteractions that the user has with the AI. They are the ones who decide how the application will look, choosing the ideal color combination, the shape of the buttons, the width of the lines and what font will be used for the texts, in some cases creating a completely new font.


UI designers are graphic designers, so they have a higher sensitivity towards the aesthetics of the website. It's up to them to make sure the app's interface is engaging, visually stimulating, and properly themed to match the purpose and/or personality of the app.


The UX web designer, or the "user experience" designer, determines what a person's experience is like when using the application or web page. Is it fluid? Intuitive? Does it feel logical to navigate the app or is it totally arbitrary? The user experience is determined by how easy or difficult it can be to interact with the interface elements that the UI designers have created in the previous phase.


If UX designers are also concerned with the user interface in an application, what is the difference between the two? Well, UI designers define how an app's user interface will look like, while UX designers care about how this interface will work. The UX designer determines the structure and functionality of the interface, how it is organized, and how all the parts relate to each other.


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