How do I contact a developer to create an app?

September 20, 2022

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For any company, it is absolutely necessary to have a mobile application to stay close to its customers or users. If you want a functional application that is in line with current technological trends, you should hire a mobile application developer.


In the Career Explorer portal, they define this role as follows “An application developer is a software engineer whose main responsibilities include the creation, testing, and programming of applications for computers, mobile phones, and tablets. These developers usually work in teams and brainstorm ideas and concepts for the general public or for a specific customer need.”


What you should know before contacting a mobile app developer


The platform you want to be on


Android or iOS? It is that simple to choose which platform you want to develop the mobile application for, or it can be for both without problems. There are expert developers in one or the other, so you should be clear before contacting one. This will largely depend on where potential users of the app move.




Be clear about the exact amount of money you want to spend. Many times a design or planning team begins to think about an application and does not have in mind the amount of money that a developer or a team of developers can charge, so one of the first things that the company must do is to have ready the budget with an exact or estimated amount of what you want to invest in the project.


A market investigation


At Calvium they recommend carrying out market research, taking into account the following aspects:


  • Time scales
  • Target audiences
  • Content: Do you want photos, videos, or audio?
  • Will you produce the content?
  • Design: will you do it yourself or do you want the developers to do it?
  • What do you hope to achieve by doing this?
  • What are your expectations?
  • Why is it an app, not a website?


How to contact a mobile software developer


One of the easiest methods to contact a mobile app developer is through a software agency. This generally has a team of experts with the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out any technological project, adapting to the needs of the clients.


There are other ways to contact mobile app developers as well, such as:


Freelance pages


There are portals specialized in listing freelance developers willing to work on a specific project for a company. Pages like Toptal or Hired are among the best for finding experts that adapt to the needs of your project.


Technical Blogs


The best way to demonstrate your knowledge on a topic may be by writing specialized articles on it. The company's recruiting office can review the technical blogs and pages that contain blogs of this type and investigate the author, thus verifying that it adapts to the needs of the project.




Hubspot explains “Sometimes it's easy to forget that universities have a lot of the best talent. Please contact the professors in the computer science department to see if they know of any development students.”


Recruitment Pages


Sites like Linkedin are great for contacting mobile app developers. The company's recruiter can perform a search among candidates, they usually list the technologies in which they are experts and examples of projects in which they have worked, making it easier when choosing the one that best suits.


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