How do I hire a mobile app developer?

August 17, 2022

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It could be said that life was almost totally digital between 2020 and 2021: due to the pandemic and the long periods of confinement at home, the virtual world became essential to continue communicating with our family and friends, make purchases and even have attention. online medical. In each of these cases, the intervention of a mobile application developer was necessary to develop the corresponding apps.


“The number of smartphone users is estimated to be up to 7.5 billion by the year 2026, which once again shows how lucrative mobile app development is. Worldwide mobile app revenue has increased dramatically in the last two years, from $461 billion in 2019 to $639 billion in 2021", detailed about it in an article published by Intersog.


In addition, according to a report by the Statista firm, the number of mobile application downloads exceeded 218 billion worldwide during 2020. And if we talk about online traffic, mobile traffic reached 55.64%, surpassing traffic traditional website.


desarrollo movil


“With 5G technology rolling out around the world and the COVID-19 pandemic reshaping the way we view mobile communication; Mobile Internet is in a state of maximum growth. Developers are responding to changing technology demands and the rate of mobile consumption has reached unprecedented levels. This, combined with the increasing portability of smart devices, has led to mobile connectivity becoming the new norm", added to the report.


Aspects to take into account when hiring a mobile application developer


The fundamental thing when hiring a mobile application developer is that you do not base this decision on price, since the efficiency of this professional is not directly proportional to the cost of their services. You have to choose the profile based on their experience, skills and abilities and how that will benefit your project.


  • Test your skills


A key point when hiring a mobile app developer, and any developer in general, is to test their technical skills. Although you can conduct interviews and evaluate resumes, it is essential to do technical tests to analyze the expertise of this resource.


“This way you can make sure the candidate really understands the job and what is required, and can help provide some 'proof' regarding your skill set, capabilities and knowledge. These tests can also help to select candidates at an early stage”, they pointed out on the subject in a Test Gorilla article.


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  • Talk to the candidate


Once you've validated the mobile app developer's technical skills, simply have a chat with them. This is just as important as the technical aspect, because if you can't speak fluently and understand each other with the developer, this can lead to long-term problems in the project.


  • Validate transparency in your work


Being clear about the work that the application developer is doing is essential, as this gives realistic hopes about the scope of the project. “It would be helpful if you asked app developers how they maintain transparency around their projects and if they use project management software to do so. Are they ready to communicate when there is a delay in the project or some obstacles to progress that the other stakeholders are not aware of?”, they recommended in the same Test Gorilla article.


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  • Look for a long-term partner


In a Peerbits article, they advise hiring a long-term mobile app developer, as these kinds of projects are usually long-term. After the launch of the application, the phase of improvements and adjustments comes and you have to have an app developer available.


  • Reviews


You can always review the reviews and comments on networks that the technology partner that is going to provide you with the profiles of mobile application developers has. Clutch is one of the most reputable software development services directories, for example, so you can always look for references in its ranking.


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Where to get mobile app developers?


There are many ways to get the trained profiles you need for your mobile app development project. You can ask for advice from a technology partner who, in general, have a large database and talent available in a short time. When you contact this partner in search of a certain profile, he provides it to you and takes care of all the hiring, so that your company does not have to worry about anything.


There are directories of software services companies where you can search for both technology partners and specialized profiles in a given technology or skill. Likewise, you can hire mobile application developers directly from freelance talent platforms, if the need for your project is quick and easy, in the very short term.


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