How to increase the productivity with IT Staff Augmentation

May 27, 2021

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Staff Augmentation


Raising the productivity of your company should be the main goal so that it can be competitive in the market and perform better than the rest. But we well know that the heart of a business is the work team that makes life in it, so human resources are essential for an enterprise to be born, emerge and develop. Tools such as IT Staff Augmentation can be key to the growth of your company as you have never considered.


Staff Augmentation refers to the hiring of staff for a limited time, to perform specific tasks within a project that the company is developing. In this way, the response capacity of the business is increased by incorporating more personnel, being able to carry out more projects in less time.


Why is IT Staff Augmentation so attractive to companies?


It is one of the most popular strategies now in the business field since it allows access to highly qualified personnel quickly and without legal or administrative complexities. For example, when employing a team of professionals through a Staff Augmentation service, the company does not have to deal with aspects of recruitment as it would with a base staff, since that is done by the service provider. The company will pay only for specific tasks performed by the staff.


In addition, by having a team working remotely under the Staff Augmentation modality, operating expenses decrease, since the company does not need to invest in physical space, neither in offices or equipment. Another advantage is that the company can have access to professionals of all kinds and anywhere in the world: there are no limitations, on the contrary, collaborative horizons expand, providing more quality and efficiency to the projects developed.


How Staff Augmentation enhances the work of companies


Increase team flexibility and capacity


External personnel are hired to carry out specific tasks that the company requires at the time, either during special hours or in seasons such as Christmas or New Years. This increases the team's work capacity as it guarantees a continuous operation, without pauses that could mean losses for the business, reported the Selleo portal.


Customer-centric work


The team employed via Staff Augmentation is usually focused on specific projects and clients, solving their requirements and problems, so the work evolves much faster, with more satisfactory results and fewer delays along the way.


You pay for what you need


As the staff is hired on a temporary basis and to perform specific tasks, the company is simply paying just for the work it needs and for the time it requires, refers the Vaultes portal, without the need to hire full-time workers who may spend inactive hours waiting for a new project.


Cost savings


As the work is done remotely, the company saves budget since it does not have to invest in renting an office or equipping one. You are only going to invest in the service provided by the professional and the specific tasks that he is going to execute within a project.


Minimize work times


Many times the core team of a company is overloaded with work, dispersing its attention between various responsibilities and tasks. In the case of external teams of professionals, they are specially hired to perform certain tasks within the company or within a project. The most urgent and specialized. By being fully dedicated to these tasks, they will streamline the workflow much more, anticipating both project closings and results.


All these benefits translate into greater productivity for any company, since by hiring a team via Staff Augmentation, they will increase the number of people working on projects, which will be ready much faster thanks to this operational force that complements the team. base. Also, saving time and money means less expenses for the company, increasing the possibilities of greater surpluses in the future.


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