How to integrate your team with IT staff augmentation

October 04, 2021

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it staff augementation


That teamwork flows smoothly is always the dream of any CEO or director of a company. That all the members of the company support each other and work like a gear guarantees at the end of the day maximum productivity and the achievement of as many goals as possible.


But, sometimes, the reality can be totally opposite and always be full of problems. Many times the team does not interact in the most timely manner, leading to misunderstandings and delays at work, resulting in lost productivity, time and money. And this can happen frequently to your core team as you add people from IT Staff Augmentation.


IT Staff Augmentation working with a core team: does it work?


Many companies find in the IT Staff Augmentation service a solution to increase the operational capacity of their teams when they do not have enough personnel to execute their projects or when they need a set of skills that they do not have in their own base teams. It is about adding engineers or software developers to your company on a temporary basis so that they carry out certain defined tasks that allow the development of projects with greater agility and quality.


Despite how beneficial this may sound, it is true that many companies still view these types of modalities with fear, precisely because they are not very clear about how they can get their formal employees to join and work for hand in hand with the temporary resources of the IT Staff Augmentation service.


it staff augementation


For that reason, in this article we want to talk to you about those strategies that you can apply to integrate your base work team with the IT Staff Augmentation agency team, making them see themselves as a single united team and not as one competence.


How to integrate your core team with the IT Staff Augmentation service


Managers must "invest" in building relationships


A work team is made up of people, not robots or automatons. Building relationships between each of your colleagues is essential to form a team and work together towards the same goal. According to Harvard Business Review, top company executives are the first to be concerned with "building and maintaining social relationships throughout the organization".


For two work teams to flow positively, it is necessary to “improve communication, increase the exchange of ideas and create a sense of community among employees. Many of the offices have an open design (…) a vast transparent space”, they add in this article published in 2007.


Coaching is important


IT Staff Augmentation external resources may be experts in their areas and perfectly handle a wide range of technologies, but one thing is certain: new members of a team should always receive coaching sessions to adapt much faster to the pace. of the company and the flow of work they have.


“An important role for executives is to ensure that mentoring and coaching is embedded in their own routine behavior and throughout the company (…) Daily coaching helps establish a cooperative 'gift culture' rather than a 'culture eye for an eye 'more transactional', they detailed.


it staff augementation

Breaks for video games?


Productive teams are often the ones with the most flexibility for moments of relaxation in the office. A 20-minute break in the afternoon for a quick video game session can strengthen the relationship between your company's core team and IT Staff Augmentation. With this interaction, they can get to know each other better, lighten the atmosphere and break the ice and then continue with the workday more clear and energetic.


Group calls


If IT Staff Augmentation resources are remote, group calls can often unify both teams, allowing them to get to know each other in-depth and feel part of the same community.


it staff augementation


Communication channels


All companies have communication channels to talk about work issues, but a good practice is to have other more informal and casual chat channels, where employees can talk about their day-to-day, what they did on the weekend, or to congratulate their companions on birthdays. By strengthening personal relationships between team members, your working relationship will be strengthened.


No organization has the magic formula for effective workgroups. Many times, after trial and error, it is that teams manage to reach the point of productivity that companies need. But these recommendations that we give you can considerably strengthen your workflow, marking a before and after in the reality of your company.


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