Odoo CRM features to manage your company's clients

September 24, 2021

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what is odoo


Chaos can often take over companies. Even if you are the most organized director or administrator on the planet, sometimes the multiple efforts of a company can exceed the operational capacity of your team, making it difficult to manage many of the processes.


For example, if your company is in full growth, it is normal that there are drastic changes in the sales department. Managing customers and contacts can be very complex since it is not simply about selling a product to the person and forgetting that it exists: it is important to follow the sales cycle to evaluate the customer experience and detect future sales opportunities. And all this you can achieve through the implementation of the Odoo CRM.


What is Odoo and what are the modules it offers?


Let's start by defining what Odoo is: it is a suite of business applications, also known as ERP, which can be configured with different modules that allow the integral management of a company, covering all areas from payroll, accounting, sales and clients. It can be implemented in companies of any industry, using one or more modules of the Odoo software.


One of the reasons why companies prefer to use Odoo is that it allows a simple integration, having a module for each business need of the company. And it is totally flexible and scalable, adjusting to the structure of any company. It has zero infrastructure and the business that implements it only pays for what it uses and needs, as simple as that.


what is odoo


The best thing about Odoo ERP is that it is a powerful and functional platform for both users familiar with technology and those who are not: it does not require knowledge of programming as it presents a friendly user interface. It allows customizing fields, views and processes, so any team can quickly adapt to this software.


Do you need to work with Odoo? Contact us and let's start developing the project that your company requires.


Odoo CRM functions most beneficial for companies


What differentiates a good sales team from a weak and poor one are the tools they use. And of course you do not want to be part of the second group, so it is necessary that you know the benefits that the implementation of Odoo CRM brings in your sales processes and relationship with customers.




Odoo CRM is a great platform to organize everything related to the sales process, automate tasks and empower the sales team with up-to-date data from prospects and customers. Your employees will never have to waste hours searching an infinite list of contacts for that information they need to complete a transaction. Nor will they miss a sale for not having an updated profile of a contact.


  • Odoo ERP, with its CRM module, allows users to schedule meetings or calls and create tasks with just one click.
  • Displays an overview of team meetings and activities, making it possible to efficiently coordinate the entire workflow.
  • Users can even make calls to their clients from the same Odoo software platform.
  • If your company's sales agent detects a business opportunity in Odoo CRM, he can quickly send emails to the potential customer.
  • Record a history with all communication between the company and the client.




Odoo CRM integrations


Another of the most valuable aspects of this Odoo module is that it presents integration with email: that is, you can send them from the same platform without having to leave it. With the VoIP integration, users can call customers without even using their phone. As if that were not enough, your agenda is synchronized with Odoo Calendar and your cell phone so that you can always be organized.


And in a reality in which mobile devices are being used more and more, Odoo CRM can also be used on cell phones and tablets thanks to its powerful mobile application.



So all that Odoo software offers are benefits and opportunities to expand your business. In fact, it not only offers the CRM application to manage its customers, among the Odoo apps there is also one dedicated to project management, timesheets, inventory management and accounting, as well as applications for marketing and billing automation.


At Rootstack we are official Odoo partners, so we have the most experienced staff to work with this type of platform. Do you have questions about the operation of Odoo CRM? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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