Importance of data governance in modern data architecture

August 02, 2023

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data governance


Data management is of utmost importance in any business software project since it can offer a clear vision to the company of how production is going, the weak points that must be attacked and the benefits that have been obtained, to manage all this can be apply the data governance approach.


In the official Google documentation they offer an explanation of that approach, saying “Data governance encompasses all the steps taken to make data safe, private, accurate, and available and usable. It includes all the actions users must perform, the procedures they must follow, and the technology they use throughout the data lifecycle.


data governance


When to use data governance


A business needs Data Governance when it wants to ensure that its data is accurate, consistent, secure, and in compliance with legal and regulatory requirements. Data governance is crucial for companies that rely heavily on data for decision making, particularly those that handle sensitive customer information, financial data, or other sensitive information.


Lack of data governance can lead to inaccurate data, data breaches, and regulatory or legal compliance issues. Businesses also need Data Governance when they want to improve data quality, enhance data security, and streamline data management processes. Data Governance helps establish policies, procedures, and best practices for how data is collected, processed, stored, and shared within an organization.


data governance


Is it important to apply a data governance approach when working with data architecture?


Data governance is fundamental in modern data architecture because it provides a framework for managing complex data ecosystems. In today's data-driven world, organizations are faced with incredibly vast and diverse data sets coming from a variety of sources, which can often lead to data silos and data quality inconsistencies. Here are some reasons why data governance is important to modern data architecture:


  • Ensuring Data Accuracy and Consistency: With multiple data sources, ensuring data accuracy and consistency can be challenging. A proper data governance framework provides standardized data management processes, policies, and guidelines to ensure data is accurate, consistent, and accessible.
  • Improve data quality: Data governance helps establish guidelines and standards for data quality, such as data cleaning, normalization, and validation. This improves the quality of the data, making it more useful and reliable for decision making.
  • Improve data security: As organizations collect and process more data, the risk of data breaches and cyberattacks increases. Data Governance provides the necessary controls and safeguards to ensure data security and protect sensitive information.
  • Optimization of data management processes: Data Governance helps create a clear and well-defined data management process that improves data transparency, reduces data duplication, and simplifies data integration.


Overall, data governance is an essential component of modern data architecture, providing organizations with the necessary guidelines, standards, and controls to ensure data is accurate, consistent, secure, and manageable. effective in meeting business needs.


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