Importance of mobile App in an organization

June 18, 2021

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mobile app


It is uncountable the amount of applications that we currently have all people on our phones or tablets, ranging from location or address applications to applications of how to lose weight, which are constantly sending us notifications according to the configuration that is established.


Taking into account that according to studies carried out 76% of the people the last thing they see before sleeping is their phone and they are the first to see when they get up, it is established that they are constantly downloading applications in their vast majority of news and social networks, Based on these statistics we can say that the world is completely involved with the Mobile App, so organizations can not leave aside this tool to try to get faster and effectively to their customers or users.


What are Mobile Apps


They are software applications that are installed on mobile devices or tablets with a specific function which can be personal, professional, leisure or entertainment.


Many people tend to confuse what are responsive web pages with mobile app, responsive web pages are perfectly suited to the device that is loading however to load them must be made from the browser mobile app are downloaded, installed in the device and to access them only its icon is selected.


Currently there are Mobile App for everything, such as:


  • News.
  • Games
  • Social networks.
  • Transport.
  • Foods.
  • Health among others.


Types of App according to its development:


Natives: These are applications that are designed and programmed specifically for each platform, in the language used by the Android SDK or with Swift for IOS, one of the disadvantages of these applications is that when performing updates are not inherited and to have enjoyment of it is necessary to download the latest version, this type of app can use the notifications of the operating system even when the application is not being used and one of its advantages is that they do not need internet to work.


Web: This type of applications can be easily used in different platforms without the need to develop a different code for each particular case, SDKs are not used, which allows programming independently of the operating system, they do not need to be installed in the device they are displayed using the phone's browser and they are always linked to the latest version, to function they depend exclusively on the use of the internet.


Hybrids: They are a combination between native and web, use HTML, CSS, javascript t to be developed, once completed are compiled or packaged, this type allows applications for Android, IOS with the same code, there are tools or platforms that they allow to develop on them such as Ionic, Appcelerator and React Native among others.


Importance of the Mobile App:


  • They allow to handle information instantly and in real-time.
  • It is not necessary to charge a laptop, everything can be consulted from the cell phone.
  • It is an excellent communication channel between organizations and their users or clients.
  • They allow the sending of notifications using emails or MSM.
  • Improves the SEO positioning of the organization.


Impact of Mobile App on an organization:




  • Effective management of internal and external communication of the organization.
  • Greater customer acquisition
  • Provide immediate answers to requests made in this way.
  • They allow managing requests and claims without having to go to an office.
  • They are distributed through the App Store.
  • They generate new channels of communication with customers or users.




  • Many Apps invade the privacy of people when requesting access to the person's location and their photos.
  • Depending on the characteristics of your Hardware you will have certain restrictions.
  • Depending on the type of development you want to make these applications can be expensive.




We can say that with the Mobile App people can obtain information faster and more accurately, users do not need to go anywhere to perform procedures, nor is it necessary to have the most sophisticated equipment to be able to use them, they allow its organizations have direct contact with each of their users by sending notifications whether they are improvements in current services or new services, allow organizations to be consulted 24 hours a day online, we can say that the App Mobile provides an environment.


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