Benefits of being part of an international work team

October 25, 2021

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When we are looking for a new job, beyond accepting any proposal based only on the salary they offer us, we look for a company with the benefits we need and a place where we are welcome and put all our skills and talents to good use. This place is Rootstack.


In today's globalized world, it is necessary to work on internationally renowned projects, go beyond our borders and make our name known to important clients in order to begin to position ourselves in the professional market.


Advantages of working on international projects and teams


Rootstack has managed to complete more than 300 projects, satisfying the technological needs of more than 200 clients in various countries around the world. This is of vital importance when choosing a company to provide your services to, since it allows you to learn about the working method in different countries and in addition to expanding your list of experience in your resume.


Also, within these international projects, one of the benefits is belonging to a team of collaborators of different nationalities. Working hand in hand with people from other countries can bring many advantages, including the contribution of different ideas to your vision.


Some of your coworkers may have ideas and solutions that you never cared about, and also you can bring your unique input and perspective. Due to their different experiences, they will have different ways of thinking and this will allow them to find original and successful solutions to the problems.


Increase communication skills among employees


Another skill that you can develop working with an international team and in projects for other countries is communication. According to Forbes, communication is one of the most important tools to use at work.


Within an international team, opinions will always be different since each person lives in a different environment. Having colleagues from other nationalities brings you several benefits when it comes to handling conflicts, in addition to improving your communication skills and making it easy to explain and detail your point of view in future projects, when you work with someone by your side.


At Rootstack we have collaborators from different parts of the world, from Panama to Colombia, the United States, Russia, Spain, Venezuela, Mexico, Uruguay and other countries, all connected in real time through various communication channels.


Working in an international team can open the doors to projects you never even dreamed of


Beyond increasing your knowledge and acquiring new work tools, being part of a team of international collaborators allows you to expand your contact list and increases the possibility of working in a foreign country.


For example, if you are going to apply for a job in Spain and you worked with a Spaniard, you can contact this person to tell you about the country and help you throughout the process. At Rootstack we strive to have members within our team with unique voices and talents, who bring their points of view to the projects and thus offer the best solution to our clients' technological problems.


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