Differences between IT Staff Augmentation and IT Consulting that you should know

June 01, 2023

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it staff augmentation

In the technology industry, there are various types of software outsourcing that allow companies to develop their own platforms and systems faster, more efficiently and more modern.


One way to do this is through IT staff augmentation, which involves augmenting a company's internal team with external talent that specializes in technology. In addition to IT staffing, the technology industry also has an IT consulting service that also brings many advantages and benefits to the company.


IT consulting focuses on providing advice and strategic guidance to organizations and helping them guide projects according to their needs and objectives. When starting a software project, companies face the following dilemma: Is it better to directly hire IT staff or IT consulting services?


In this article, we explain the differences between the two services so that you can choose the one that's right for you.

it staff augmentation

In which cases is it more convenient to hire the IT staff augmentation service?

IT staff augmentation is a software outsourcing model that allows companies to bring in external talent to develop their platforms and systems faster, more efficiently and more modernly. It provides access to professionals, flexibility in terms of resources and delivery time, and facilitates collaboration and knowledge sharing.


In these situations, augmenting IT staff is highly beneficial:

Shortage of internal talent

If your company's internal teams lack specific skills to handle specialized technical projects or tasks, augmenting your IT staff may be the right solution. By hiring external employees with the necessary skills and experience, you can complement your internal team and use knowledge without having to work long term.


Tight deadlines

When you're faced with projects with tight deadlines or peak workloads, augmenting your IT staff can provide the extra horsepower you need to meet deadlines. By hiring outside resources, you can quickly increase the capacity of your team without reducing the quality of work or overburdening existing employees.

it staff augmentation

Flexibility and scalability

Increased IT staffing ensures flexibility of available resources. You can adjust the size of your team by adding or removing external staff according to the changing needs of your project. This flexibility allows better cost control and the adaptation of resources to the specific requirements of the project. Read more about: IT Outsourcing services: what budget should you have?


Access to specialized knowledge

Outsourcing gives you access to professionals with knowledge and experience in specific technologies and methods. This allows you to use your experience and the latest knowledge, facilitating the development of complex projects or the introduction of new technologies.

it staff augmentation

Cost optimization

Hiring IT staff to extend services is more cost-effective in the long run than hiring and training internal staff. Avoid costs associated with hiring new employees, job benefits and infrastructure. Also, by hiring external staff only when necessary, you can control and optimize costs based on the needs of the project.


When is it better to contract the IT Consulting service?

The main objective of IT consulting is to help companies make the most of their infrastructure and technology resources to achieve their business objectives. IT consultants work closely with organizations to understand their needs and challenges and then provide customized solutions and technology strategies to address those challenges.


In these situations, IT consulting is more convenient:

Definition of technological strategy

If your company needs to create a clear technology strategy that is aligned with your business objectives, IT consulting may be the right choice. An IT consultant can assess your needs, analyze your existing infrastructure, and provide strategic advice on the effective use of technology to achieve your business goals.


Adoption of new technologies

IT consulting can be of great help if you want to use new technologies or tools in your company. Consultants can evaluate solutions available on the market, analyze their feasibility and suitability for your business environment, and provide guidance on how to implement them effectively to achieve optimal results.

it staff augmentation

Process optimization and operational efficiency

If your company wants to improve operational efficiency and optimize IT processes, IT consulting can provide you with an objective and professional perspective. Consultants can analyze your workflow, identify areas for improvement, and provide recommendations on how to streamline processes and increase IT operational efficiency.


Resolution of complex technical problems

If you are facing complex or difficult technical issues, IT consultants can provide their knowledge and experience. They can help identify and resolve technical issues, apply best practices, and provide innovative solutions to overcome the technical challenges you face.

it staff augmentation

Before making a decision, companies must evaluate their objectives, resources and needs. They need to consider whether they need to expand their technical staff in the near term or whether they need a specialized external perspective to address long-term strategic challenges. Both services can be valuable, but it is important to be clear about what you are trying to achieve and what support you need.


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