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July 08, 2022

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Collaborative work always enriches companies. Having external or additional visions nourishes the projects, and fills them with different nuances, which in the end raises quality, efficiency, and productivity. In itself, this is the basis of the IT Staff Augmentation model.


When we talk about IT Staff Augmentation solutions, we refer to the hiring of temporary staff, who joins a company or a project to perform a specific task. They are usually integrated into the in-house team to work as a cog and have special skills that come to meet specific needs within the team.


“It's a business strategy that uses the on-demand outside staff to temporarily fill talent gaps and staff a project. IT Staff Augmentation is also known as outstaffing and team extension”, they explained in this regard on the Nativo portal.


Times when you may need IT Staff Augmentation services


IT Staffing, as it is also known, can be very useful when you are in the process of creating an online store or creating a website. Also if you are working on the design of a mobile application.


it Staff Augmentation services


This staffing solution can also support you in the implementation of strategies to better secure your company's information, migrate to the cloud, data collection, and analysis, process automation, as well as in the creation of software to tailored to the particular needs of a business.


Of course, before thinking about hiring an IT Staff Augmentation company, the first thing you should do is evaluate your project and make a list of the skills that you already have in your team, as well as those that you do not have and that you need. When you have this list of talents that you need, then it is time to turn to an IT Staff Augmentation agency to help you get this temporary support staff that the company requires.


How to know that IT Staffing is the option that your project needs?


In a few words, the great advantage offered by the IT Staff Augmentation service is that it allows the rapid hiring of temporary personnel, so that companies focus on their project, not on searching for profiles for a long time, to later submit them to the bureaucratic process. of traditional contracting.


it Staff Augmentation solutions


“If your company is working on a project under a tight schedule, IT Staff Augmentation agency can provide additional resources quickly. Imagine you already have a team of skilled workers but need to add more people to meet deadlines. Subcontractors can find the right people and create custom contracts that would last until the project is delivered”, they detailed in an article on the Xavor portal.


“Staff Augmentation process also helps diversify a team. Organizations can look for engineers who specialize in a particular area or programmers who have prior experience in the type of product they are working on. It's a quick fix to add the necessary expertise and ensure your team can think of everything", they said. 


So, if you need extra staff quickly for your project or you require a specific skill that your company does not have and it is urgent, IT Staff Augmentation may be the solution that best fits your situation.


it Staff Augmentation company


Steps in the implementation of IT Staff Augmentation solution 


  • Analysis 


In this first stage, the first thing to do is define the project, its objectives, and the type of personnel that will be required for software development. From here, you can determine the professional profiles that you will seek to hire through IT Staff Augmentation model.


  • Talent search


Although you can get temporary resources on some professional platforms that are in charge of recruitment, you can also use IT Staffing agencies or certified providers. These agencies usually already have a large database of qualified personnel, so they connect engineers faster with the companies that are in need of the personnel.


  • Hiring and incorporation


Once the IT Staff Augmentation agency has connected your company with the profiles it needs, it's time to hire. Before hiring, it is advisable to interview and talk with these resources beforehand, so that you can be sure that the employment relationship will flow well.


After the hiring, then comes the incorporation of this personnel to the in-house work team: “Although the personnel augmentation service provider handles all the legal matters, you can incorporate the chosen candidate by clearly defining all his functions, responsibilities and even limitations to avoid confusion”, they detailed on the Aloa portal.


it staffing


  • Continuous support


“Service providers guarantee managed services, so they assign an account manager or human resources manager to help build a productive relationship,” they added.


Types of IT Staff Augmentation that you can hire


IT Staffing resources based on general tasks


It is when the company needs personnel to take care of routine and general tasks within the company or in a particular project. It does not need specific skills since it will not perform particularly complex tasks.


Based on the ability


In this type of IT Staff Augmentation, the staff must handle a series of specific skills, which at the same time are not so complex but are necessary.


Highly qualified


This is when the staff offered is highly trained, with extensive experience and certifications that guarantee their knowledge and skills. It is trained to handle high-profile aspects of a project.


As you can see, the IT Staff Augmentation modality can help you meet the needs of personnel and skills in your project, quickly and efficiently. You just have to analyze very well what your project needs and under what type of IT Staff Augmentation you want to work.


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