Non-technical skills just as important in an IT staff augmentation team

January 03, 2024

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Companies have intensified their search for technical talent to strengthen their software development teams through the modality of IT staff augmentation, recognizing the critical importance of skills such as programming, problem solving and technical prowess.


However, amid this focus on hard skills, an equally vital component is often overlooked: non-technical skills, commonly referred to as “soft skills.” These skills, which include effective communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management, are essential for good workflow and team efficiency with the IT staff augmentation strategy.


The ability to balance technical excellence with the ability to collaborate and adapt to challenges not only improves team dynamics, but also positively impacts the quality and successful delivery of software development projects.


In this article we will talk about those non-technical skills that are essential in an IT staff augmentation team, to achieve optimal levels of productivity and excellence in the field of software development.



it staff augmentation


Important soft skills in an IT staff augmentation team

1. Effective communication

In an environment of remote work and global collaboration, effective communication becomes the glue that holds a dispersed team together. IT Staff Augmentation professionals, often working across cultures and time zones, must be masters at clearly and accurately conveying ideas. The ability to express technical concepts in a way that is understandable to those with less technical knowledge is an invaluable skill that prevents misunderstandings and improves team efficiency.


In addition, communication also encompasses active listening, crucial to understanding the needs of the customer and teammates. The ability to constructively receive feedback and adapt to changes in real time improves team agility, allowing them to adjust strategies and approaches as necessary.


2. Teamwork

An IT Staff Augmentation team is only as strong as the sum of its parts. The ability to work collaboratively, integrating diverse skills and perspectives, is essential to overcome complex challenges. Empathy and understanding of team members' individual strengths enable efficient task allocation and effective problem solving.


Fostering an environment where team members feel valued and respected contributes to a positive work culture. This not only increases morale, but also promotes talent retention, crucial in an environment where staff turnover can negatively impact project continuity.

it staff augmentation

3. Troubleshooting

Problem solving in the world of technology is not limited to debugging code. Challenges in an IT Staff Augmentation project can range from communication obstacles to coordination problems. The ability to approach problems systematically, identifying their roots and developing effective solutions, is essential.


Analytical skills and creativity are key elements in solving non-technical problems. By taking a proactive approach, team members can anticipate potential obstacles and work to mitigate them before they become significant problems.


“Problem solving along with critical thinking are the fundamental soft skills that every software developer should have. Of the different soft skills, these two skills in particular will have a big effect on how any developer will handle important problems. And this ability also shows the innovative thinking capacity of the developer”, they noted on the IEEE Computer Society portal.


4. Time management and prioritization

In an IT Staff Augmentation environment, where deadlines are tight and demands can change quickly, time management and prioritization are crucial skills. The ability to set priorities, handle multiple tasks, and meet deadlines is essential to maintaining operational efficiency.


Time management is not only about completing tasks on time, but also about ensuring the quality of work. Time pressure can negatively impact decision-making, so the ability to stay calm under pressure is essential to avoid costly mistakes.

it staff augmentation

5. Emotional intelligence

This point refers to the fact that software developers in an IT staff augmentation team must have the ability to manage their emotions to respond in the most effective way in the work environment.


“With emotional intelligence, you will be able to remain calm when faced with unforeseen circumstances, such as budget overspends or changes in client demands, as well as maintain focus on achieving project goals”, they noted in an article in Indeed.


Non-technical skills are as essential as technical skills in an IT Staff Augmentation team. Effective communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management are vital components to overall team success and successful project delivery.


By recognizing and cultivating these skills, organizations can build stronger, more resilient teams capable of meeting the challenges of the ever-changing technological landscape. Ultimately, the perfect balance between technical and non-technical skills paves the way to goal achievement and excellence in the field of IT Staff Augmentation.


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