3 keys to implement Staff Augmentation in your company

May 27, 2021

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The heart of a company is its work team. The professionalism of each of its members increases the quality of the projects and makes them stand out from the rest. But we know that, on occasions, there are projects that perhaps exceed the operational capacity of the company, at which point it becomes essential to hire more staff to fulfill the tasks necessary to carry them out. This is the right opportunity to add more professionals to your team via Staff Augmentation.


This outsourcing contracting model is being implemented more and more by companies today, due to the great operational benefits it brings to the workflow and the outstanding results that can be achieved.


How can we define "Staff Augmentation"


Staff Augmentation refers to the hiring of qualified personnel on a temporary basis, to carry out certain tasks within the company, according to the goals and objectives that are in place at the time. This outsourcing model allows you to quickly get experienced professionals, increasing the operational capacity of the company without complications.


It also serves to add to the team certain skills necessary for a specific project, without having to hire new employees and follow all the complex administrative process that this entails.


Why is Staff Augmentation so attractive? It is due to the simplicity with which qualified personnel can be hired. Companies do not have to deal with the evaluation of hundreds of uncertain profiles, since there are companies that offer the Staff Augmentation service, which have a team of professionals capable of meeting the needs of their clients.


Keys to implementation


Although the increase in personnel is a very useful option to strengthen the team of a company on a temporary basis, certain aspects must be evaluated to ensure that the integration of the base team with the temporary team is successful and the expected results are achieved.


Limited time projects


In a company there are projects that can be extended indefinitely, while there are other shorter ones that have a defined date, a beginning and a near end. In this type of project, staff augmentation is more useful. It is ideal, for example, for the development of a web page or a mobile application, tasks of which a temporary outsourcing team can take care of. This means that you can hire a temporary team to develop a specific project, pay for their time and tasks performed and, at the end of the project, terminate the contract and continue with the base team.


Analyze the company's core team


Before looking for temporary staff to cover the needs of your company, you must first analyze what the strengths and abilities of the core team are and then determine what talents are needed for projects in development or to be developed. When identifying which professionals are needed, the company must ask itself if it needs skills that will be required in the long or short term. If it is long-term, a direct and traditional hiring is more convenient. If they are skills necessary for a short season, then temporary hiring via Staff Augmentation is appropriate.


Integration of temporary staff


Another of the decisive keys in the implementation of Staff Augmentation is how the integration of temporary staff develops. The core team should not see the temporary team as a threat or a competition, on the contrary, they are professionals who come to add expertise to projects, to work together for a common goal: excellence and outstanding results. Fluent and timely communication is essential in the integration process so that all staff works in the same direction.


If your company is in the middle of a project that needs specialized personnel and you have little time to look for it, it is time for you to consider temporary hiring under the Staff Augmentation modality. These professionals can bring great value and quality to your projects, increasing the capacity of your company.


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