Magento vs Drupal commerce vs Shopify

June 18, 2021

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Magento, Drupal Commerce, and Shopify are excellent eCommerce solutions for a Drupal platform. Each solution is better equipped to face specific problems, that is why this time we decipher each one clarifying which one fits the needs of your electronic commerce.




It is an eCommerce business software that offers free (open source) and proprietary licensing models. Although it was purchased by Adobe it is still being free to install on any operating system license.


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This eCommerce solution comes with a professional look, with well-organized information and categories, covering every aspect that could help you build an ideal store. Magento comes with very detailed content and information. Any category offers many options that will surely lead to a professional and successful website.






What makes Magento special? This is a software with similar features to other e-commerce platforms, let's see what its main features are:


  • It's free! you can download and install it freely.
  •  It is multiplatform, it can run perfectly on Linux servers, Windows and whenever there is PHP-MySQL installed.
  • Multi-language
  • Access to thousands of templates for design customization totally free.
  •  It allows cataloging, classify, modifies products that you are going to offer in your store.
  •  It allows managing the users who manage the administrative portal of the online store.




  • It allows you to virtually do almost anything you want with your online store.
  • Native integration of ERPs between Magento and other platforms.
  • Load speed
  • Magento SEO offers extensions and solutions to gain positions naturally in Google.
  • Magento supports HTTPS natively.
  • Magento offers responsiveness in its designs and templates, including the core and administration, for easy administration from mobile devices.


What is Drupal Commerce?


It is the native eCommerce system of Drupal, which means that it is a set of e-commerce modules that developers can easily install on the Drupal platform. It is an excellent option when an organization is creating a trading site from scratch.


Compared to Magento, Drupal Commerce offers fewer advanced trade management functions. However, its codebase is as extensible as Drupal itself, which makes it an excellent option for organizations that want to have a highly integrated and highly flexible CMS and e-commerce platform.


Drupal Commerce




  • It is open-source software under the GNU Public License, it is completely free to download, use and customize. No shopping expenses.
  • The Drupal installation by default is a web-based platform database with tools for maintaining files and a high-security level.
  • Allow website visitors to enter as authenticated users or as anonymous users.
  • It is scalable since it has the capacity to project millions of pages and millions of requests per second.
  • Highly customizable, you can locate a large number of free, fully editable themes, plus several base themes to start our own project.
  • It is safe since it is subjected to rigorous safety tests by the community and by experts worldwide.




  • It is very complete because it includes many features by default, so you will not need to install extensions or modules to create any type of web.
  • Adaptable to many formats.
  • Ability to manage users from the control panel. Being able to edit user permissions, manage access points and create groups with users.
  • Allow graphic editions of the template in a simple way or landing all this without leaving the editor at any time.
  • Structuring content which allows re-use the same in different landings.




It is an eCommerce Software as a Service (SaaS) platform with excellent support for physical stores. Shopify provides its own payment gateway (Shopify Payments) and provides tools for organizations to implement a registry based on mobile devices with Shopify POS.


Because Shopify is fully owned, it is not recommended for organizations that need to maintain full control over all their data. However, if for your organization it is indifferent or convenient to integrate into an e-commerce system with a pre-existing platform, Shopify can be an excellent option to manage all the trading functionality.






  • It has different plans that include a cost.
  • Creation of totally personalized URL, which helps to potentiate your brand image.
  •  If you already own a domain it will be fully usable with Shopify. If you do not own it you can buy it through the Shopify platform easily.
  • Shopify has a wide template range ready for your website usage. This makes easy to start with your e-commerce without help from developers or designers.
  • The customization of the templates is immense since Shopify does not offer templates with static design so that you can customize the HTML and CSS to your liking if you wish.
  • Shopify offers a point of sale (POS), you can sell in a physical store or in a pop-up site. Shopify POS is an application for iOS and Android that allows you to process orders and accept payments in person.




  • Shopify does not give deceptive offers which means that if the users' number on your website is huge, Shopify will not charge extras.
  • Shopify guarantees the website security and its platform, thus improving the experience of your users. In addition to this Shopify provides an SSL certificate for free.
  • Up to 25 of the most famous payment gateways including cryptocurrencies. Yes, Bitcoins!
  • Customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In addition, Shopify offers informative material of all kinds in different formats to its clients.
  • Shopify allows importing a considerable amount, this being possible in a simple way through a CSV file.
  • Shopify breaks the schemes with an innovative platform that implements the updates automatically allowing you to have a very important task less to deal with.
  • Fraud analysis, when you use Shopify Payments, you automatically get an integrated fraud analysis feature. This feature marks the orders that are potentially fraudulent and calls your attention.


Undoubtedly, Shopify is one of the sales platforms with the best options nowadays to sell your products online and guarantee the user's shopping experience.


When it comes to eCommerce, it may seem difficult to find a single solution, however, all the solutions described are the best solution depending on what you are looking for.


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