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November 01, 2021

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What is Drupal? It's one of the most versatile CMS today and the one used to build many of the web pages that we visit every day. According to the definition given on its official website, “Drupal is a content management software. It is used to create many of the websites and applications of daily use”.


With a flexible and modular system, Drupal CMS has managed to penetrate the taste of developers when they must design a web page that is easy to use for the common user.


What can Drupal CMS offer for the development of a web page?


As a modular CMS, Drupal has several functionalities that make it ideal for creating an easy-to-use web page where information will be added on a daily basis. Among these functionalities, the following stand out:


  • Excellent content management
  • Taxonomy (science of classification) to organize content
  • Flexible navigation system
  • Comments
  • Internal search engine
  • Content listings
  • Contact forms
  • WYSIWYG editor
  • Good content creation experience
  • User interface and content in multiple languages
  • User Management
  • Accessibility
  • Responsive design


There is extensive documentation on this CMS, so Drupal developers have all the information at hand to create amazing platforms and websites.


The pages and applications for which Drupal is most used


Due to its versatility, Drupal is used to:


  • Company web pages: service content, publication workflows, branding, etc.
  • Intranets: internal content listings such as news and meeting notes, personalized workflow, private content only for people within a company.
  • To create online directories
  • Interactive web pages: create a user account, multi-step form creation, decoupled interfaces and more.
  • Marketing Portals: SEO Destination Websites, Combine Marketing Material and Content, Campaigns, Campaign Destination Sites, etc.




Skills that every Drupal developer should have


Once you know all the functionalities of Drupal and what it is used for, the time has come to become an integral developer of this modular CMS, but what skills or knowledge are needed to achieve success managing this technology? Specialized portals such as Medium and Clickfocus put together a list of certain skills that a Drupal developer must have, highlighting the following as the most important:


Have a good understanding of PHP and PHP frameworks


Because Drupal 7 was created with PHO and Drupal 8 was created with Symfony (one of the most popular PHP frameworks) it is vital for any Drupal developer to have a working knowledge of this programming language. In addition to this language, he also has knowledge of MySQL and JQuery, this to configure the database and to facilitate the realization of standard DOM, effects and AJAX functions.


Rootstack is a Drupal development company that has certified developers ready to integrate into any website project.


Understand and know how to use package managers


In order to successfully install Drupal CMS and create web pages, a developer must have a thorough understanding of package managers. Either installing Sass or Bootstrap from the node or Drush from the composer.


Knowledge of development and design in Drupal


The design of a website or an application is a fundamental part to achieve engagement with the user and facilitate their passage through our page. Although the Drupal community offers more than two thousand possible themes from which to choose to create a web page, none of them may be the one that suits your needs, so a developer who works with this CMS must know how to design in scratch to create the website that the customer needs.


Basic skills in Drupal developers


A Drupal developer must have something obvious: almost perfect handling within this CMS. Has to:


  • Be able to research and install modules to meet the requirements of the project you have at the moment.
  • Have the ability to configure basic modules and configuration in the kernel for a site to be up and running
  • Being able to develop a custom theme from scratch that complies with the necessary HTML / CSS code standards.
  • Have a medium knowledge of some APIs that are important for Drupal development, such as Node and Queue for example.


This and more make a Drupal developer the best option to create the website that a company needs. Rootstack has a team of experts ready to solve any technological problem that its clients present worldwide.


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