Make easier the communication with an Intranet

June 18, 2021


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Is human need to communicate, so why not take advantage of the tools available, since it is the easiest way to ask, offer, entertain, negotiate and to conquer. Obviously, today's communications are not carried out in the same manner as centuries ago. Fortunately for us, it is becoming easier to express ourselves, even over long distances and in different languages (which the faithful users of Google Translate will confirm). Effective communication facilitates understanding and good flow of activities, so that companies are among the most interested in having all possible tools to achieve optimal communication networks in order to achieve organizational objectives. But *what happens when a company has 100, 1,000, 10,000 employees ... and even when they are not in the same city or country?* One of the fundamental aspects for the success of firms are undoubtedly human talent, clear objectives, communication and technology. Let us gather these four pillars in a single application. What would be the result? Yes, an **Intranet** **An intranet is a private communication network that integrates each area involved in the strategy of the business model of a company, especially in medium and large organizations** This application: - Allows the flow of information in an orderly, clear and functional way. - Achieve & align business strategies more quickly and accurately. - Provides autonomy to each partner to feed on the contents of the company. - Set public, private or departmental content. The structure of a functional Intranet, must be made mainly with: - Profiles - Forms and documents - Conversations - Activities - News - Reports - Communicators - Directories - Automation vacation request - Virtual Training - Others As this tool will be used by several employees of a company, it is *very important to be user-friendly, easy to use and the features should invite users to spend time on it, feeling it as a working tool, day in and day out.* **Intranets** are one of the reasons why companies are successful internationally. These allow employees to work simultaneously and dynamically, regardless of borders and time zones. Without a doubt, an Intranet serves as a "bridge" to join the team wherever it may be.