Marketing With a 360 Vision

June 18, 2021

Tags: Marketing



Customers are becoming more and more demanding and expect custom-fit experiences in an increasingly digital scenario. You know how the saying goes, a satisfied customer becomes a client who is more likely to be faithful. Today, before a user makes a purchase, they can visit hundreds of points of contact or digital channels, and at the same time, can use them to communicate, which means that each user experience will be unique and complex.


Here is when the 360 customer view concept comes into play. One of its objectives is to generate trust in the client to gain their loyalty. It is based on multichannel communication involving web chat, video calls, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram integrated into the same strategy.


Let’s go over some of the benefits of Marketing With a 360 Vision


  • Helps generate strategic marketing and sales campaigns Having valuable customer data boosts the sales and marketing teams’ possibilities to create more strategic marketing and sales campaigns.

  • Better understanding of clients and their behavior

  • Delivering more personalized shopping experiences


Companies can use aggregate and invaluable data to provide customers with more personalized experiences on their lifetime shopping trip. For example, if a bank is aware that a customer now has new dependents who will attend the university within a few years, the bank can send personalized offers of savings accounts to the client.


  • Reducing costs Marketing campaigns that fail are expensive. The more intelligent and data-driven the campaigns are, the more successful they will be.


With a 360 customer view, each company can have a thorough insight into the customer’s persona and identity and a reliable picture of its relevant attributes. Your ability to update, maintain, and integrate data in all departments and channels will undoubtedly play an essential role in helping your business grow.




Rootnet CRM: The best tool for marketing


With CRM software like Rootnet, you can obtain a customer data platform that harbors all types of information and presents easily accessible and updated client profiles. It centralizes information, behavior, and customer data to simplify marketing and sales growth and understand customer behavior. This makes it easier to provide personalized customer experiences, improve relationships, and follow the customer journey from beginning to end.


Following a client 360 vision, Rootstack can provide the knowledge that your company needs to improve customer satisfaction and commercial success. A comprehensive data collection and processing strategy will result in obtaining an extensive client profile overview. This will ultimately help you support decision-making and increase meaningful interactions with customers that will prove to be more effective and have higher conversion rates. All in all, having the client’s needs and wants as the ultimate guiding factor will always be the most effective path to success.


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