Mobile App Creation: Step-by-step guide to start creating one

December 28, 2021

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creación de aplicaciones móviles


Many people tend to associate mobile applications with entertainment or consider that a mobile app can only be like TikTok or Instagram, two of the most popular platforms in the world. But, at a business level, the creation of mobile applications can be very useful to expand the market and reach more audiences/potential customers.


Mobile App Creation: Is It Worth the Investment?


Especially as a result of the pandemic, many companies realized that having digital marketing channels for their products was essential to survive. Many moved their businesses to the Internet, creating e-commerce or web pages, and others went further by looking for software providers to create a mobile app for their business.


And it is that the rise of mobile applications was amazing in 2021: 230 billion global downloads of mobile apps were registered, according to data from the Statista firm. The average user spent an estimated USD 4.86 on mobile app purchases, indicating that there is purchasing power and that users are willing to invest in this market.


Another figure to review is the global number of smartphone users: in 2021, the figure reached 6,259 million active users and Statista estimates that, in 2025, this figure will rise to 7,296 million.


creación de aplicaciones móviles


With these data, we answer the initial question: of course it is worth investing in the creation of mobile applications since you will increase your global exposure and have the opportunity to increase your customer conversion rate.


Steps for creating mobile applications


  • Conceptualize the mobile app


Before starting with the creation of mobile applications, the first thing you should do is define the app you want for your business. Determine what you want to offer your users and potential customers, and how you want to do it.


mobile apps


  • Research the needs of your potential customers


In the creation of mobile applications, the needs of the users intervene a lot. It is essential to know what they need, so that you can offer an effective mobile app that responds to what they want to do or achieve with your business.


  • Tools to use in the project


With the advice of a software vendor, you can determine the kind of tool or technology to use in your app. In the field of creating mobile applications, you must decide if you want your Android or iOS app. From here, it will be easier to choose the development tools.


  • Designer


The above steps in creating mobile apps are very important, as they help give the project shape and structure. But the design part is fundamental, since it will give a logical and harmonious order to what you want to market in your app. Look for a web designer who has knowledge of UX/UI, to create an exceptional user experience. Whether a user stays or leaves your app depends on this.


creación de aplicaciones móviles


  • MVP creation


The creation of the MVP or minimum viable product is important, to start testing the app including only the fundamental features. This allows for a faster launch of the mobile app, running tests that will help the team improve how it works, and laying the groundwork to continue including more features.


  • Pruebas 


In any creation of mobile applications, the testing phase is essential to verify that the application is working according to the client's requirements. This is the ideal time to detect and correct errors so that they are not detected by the end user after the official launch of the app.


creación de aplicaciones móviles


  • Launch


Now yes: it is the moment in which the mobile app meets the end user. This interaction is very valuable as it will help in future maintenance and improvements of the platform.


If you want to create a mobile app for your business, these are the initial steps you must take to materialize your plans. You can always seek advice from a trusted software provider like Rootstack. Contact us!


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