MuleSoft's 3 Benefits in Our Platform

June 18, 2021


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In the present day in an organization there are different systems and applications of different technologies such as: JMS, Web Services, JDBC, HTTP, or others. So usually to integrate and communicate with each other, we find rudimentary and ineffective integration processes that ultimately result in inflexible and inefficient infrastructure.


Mulesoft represents a world of solutions for structuring, coupling and communicating our technological infrastructure since it allows us to connect quickly and easily the applications of different technologies allowing the exchange of data since it is based on Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) architectures. It offers the communication of applications of different technologies since it acts as a transport system to carry the data between them through the Network (Intranet / Internet).


MuleSoft's 3 Benefits in Our Platform


Use of existing data


By implementing an ESB architecture, it provides a way to take advantage of existing systems and expose them to new applications using their communication and transformation capabilities, in addition it allows companies to reduce their time in the implementation of new ideas or projects.






Mulesoft is an investment because once implemented, making changes to existing integrations is much faster and it represents innovation towards the customer. Achieving data exchanges through numerous and varied transport formats and protocols.




It can be implemented locally, in the cloud or the combination of both, which represents a great advantage to communicate our systems and applications. Additionally it is possible to define policies such as security, for example, applying this policy on services.


Checking the web Shana Pearlman in her Blog  she shows us some capabilities and advantages that can complement these benefits.




Without a doubt, being able to integrate the different systems and applications of an organization with Mulesoft transforms the response times and at the same time generates benefits in the short and medium term.


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