Myths and rumours about working with a outsourcing provider

June 18, 2021

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software outsourcing


Software outsourcing has gained incredibly popularity in the last four years, it has become a viable option for business that are looking to let go of some tedious work and focus on the real important tasks.


However, despite the popularity outsourcing has gained, there are still many rumours surrounding this method, and a lot of people, and companies, are still confused about it.


To clear things out: Outsourcing (software outsourcing, QA outsourcing, IT outsourcing…) is a reliable, effective way to delegate important tasks and processes to qualified people who can handle such projects.


software outsourcing


Myths and rumours about working with a outsourcing provider 

“Working with an outsourcing provider is cheap!”

No, we have addressed this particular myth many times, and it isn’t true. For starters, a software development process on its own is not cheap at all, actually if you want to find out how much does a software development really cost, you can check out our other blog, here.


Like we were saying, a software development process isn’t cheap. However, working with an outsourcing provider, specifically a nearshore development partner does lower the costs rates significantly.


So no, it isn’t cheaper, but rather makes the process affordable for small, big and medium companies all together.


“Outsourcing will make you lose control of your project”

Anyone who has ever worked with an outsourcing provider or parent knows this is completely false and away from the truth. As the costumer and main focus of the collaboration, you are in charge of the project being developed.


To put it other way, you aren’t losing control over your project, but rather contracting a team of experienced people to take proper care of a process your company simply doesn’t have the resources, time or workforce to accomplish.


However, you will be still be involved in the process from start to finish. You aren’t “losing control”, you are incorporation a team of highly qualified people to work alongside you and make a perfectly functional software.


software outsourcing


“Only big companies can outsource their process”

This is also a complete lie, all types of companies can outsource their software development process, even small and medium companies. As a matter fact, outsourcing is more of a viable option for smaller companies, since it allows them to save money and time, which they both really need.


The main point is, outsourcing your software development process isn’t just something big companies can do, but smaller ones looking to cut down resources and focus on other main tasks can do this as well.


“Outsourcing leads to privacy breaches”

Although this is a common a completely reasonable worry most companies have when thinking to outsource their processes, this is also not true, however, this will depend on the company you end up picking.


This is why choosing the right outsourcing partner is so important. You will be sharing important information with your software provider, and with such vital data coming and going, you need to work alongside a trustworthy team.


However, keep in mind a work relationship with an outsourcing provider is backed up by a contract or legal agreement, so you can sure no privacy breaches will occur during your collaboration.


software outsourcing


“Outsourcing slows down processes”

On the contrary, companies choose to outsource their software development process because working with an outsourcing provider means faster results and even sooner delivery times.


Keep in mind you have a whole team of experts working in your project every day of the week, completely focused on fulfilling your necessities and end the project the best way possible, so if anything, outsourcing speeds up the software development process.


“Outsourcing is a short-term solution”

This is partially true in the sense the relationship with your outsourcing partner and how long it lasts will directly depend on the scope of your project and what your company really needs.


If you have found a great outsourcing provider and you’ve got a lot of tasks and projects you need to outsource immediately, you can easily turn your relationship into a long term deal, and it will be actually way more beneficial for the both of you.


What you should take away from this is quite simple: Outsourcing is a reliable option for big, medium and small companies, and it poses more benefits than problems to your company.


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