Omnichannel Software: Things every CEO or Marketer should know

June 18, 2021

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When the multi-channel marketing strategy first began to gain popularity, community managers and marketing experts thought that was the peak of any marketing strategy… And it was, until the omnichannel idea came out.


This new software that doubles as a powerful marketing strategy for small, medium and big business is relatively new, however, it is already gaining fame from brands that have tried this method and happily succeeded.


If you are a CEO, a marketing manager or a community manager looking for ways to improve your customer experience with the goal to increase the sells and make your brand even more known, then you need to pay attention to this new method.

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What Omnichannel really is

Omnichannel retailing is a new marketing strategy that takes the multi-channel experience to a whole new level. Creating a way more complete, integrated content strategy that centers around what the customer really needs.


The whole idea of this particular marketing method is to improve the customer experience, to make it as wholesome as possible so the user is constantly involved with the brand no matter where he is.


As the name itself states it, the omnichannel marketing strategy is about being present everywhere, about having both a physical and online presence that are interviewed to give the user the maximum experience possible.


To put it simply, ommnichannel retailing is the ability to constantly deliver an excellent customer experience across both online and offline channels, using all the different methods your company already uses to reach out to customers.


How Omnichannel is implemented in your company

Now is when the idea of an omnichannel software comes in. You see, omnichannel content strategy is so much more than just having a presence online (Web pages, social media accounts, emails...) and offline (multiple stores, pop-ups, etc), it’s about combining and intertwining all of them together in one force.


To implement this particular way of retailing you have to start using an omnichannel software, meaning a platform that successfully integrates all of these presences into one.


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This means allowing your visitors or users to to get deals directly to their phones through your mobile app, make the products in your store match the ones on your website, ship to their homes, allowing online returns to happen in physicals stores… And so on and on.


To give you a better idea of how this would work, let’s say a customer discovers your brand online, either through your website or Amazon. They get the package completely personalized with coupons, pamphlets showing off any new items, and a CTA encouraging them to visit your Website again.


Then, they do and and your webpage will show them your presence in other social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, encouraging them to find products that will go along with that they just bought.


Let’s say they do a second purchase and agree to give your their email. Then, they’ll receive notifications about in-store sales, special deals, events and more.


That’s how you successfully implemented an omnichannel software, you make sure every communication and marketing channel your company already has is being used to the fullest to complement one another and ultimately give the costumer the maximum experience.


software development


Undeniable benefits of Omnichannel softwares

1. Create an integrated communication channel: Keeping up with thousands of different marketing channels (Websites, social media, pop-up stores, regular stores, massive emails...) can be exhausting if they are being used separately instead of all together.


Omnichannel retailing allows you to create an integrated communication channel that provides you with useful data and intell about what your customers are looking for and use this data to compare it across all different platforms to obtain a better point of view on how your customers are engaging with your brand.


2. Turn everything into a single marketing force: We are talking about achieving a complete integrated business that strives for an complimentary fully integrated customer services in which each part of your business is working together to deliver the highest customer experience.


3. Create a wholesome experience: If your customers find your business is easy to navigate, understand and most importantly purchase from, it is extremely likely they’ll become regular shoppers quicker than you might think.


4. Increase brand awareness: Last, but not least, offering a wide, full immersive customer experience significantly increases brand awareness. The customers aren’t only buying things from you, but they are actually constantly engaging with your brand as well.


Without a doubt, omnichannel software is the new step in content and marketing strategies. No matter what kind of company you run, you want to give your customers nothing but the best experience possible, and this is it.


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