How an outsourcing developer speeds up the delivery of software products

July 24, 2023

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outsourcing developer

Companies today are focused on developing their software products faster and more agile than ever before, due to the increasing demands of the market and the gigantic competition that exists in all industries. The adoption of agile methodologies, such as Scrum and Kanban, has become a common practice to optimize efficiency and collaboration in development teams.


This constant pursuit of speed and agility aims to not only meet changing market needs, but also exceed customer expectations and stay at the forefront of technological innovation. In this context, an outsourcing developer can make a big difference and that is what we will talk about in this blog.



outsourcing developer


Characteristics of an outsourcing developer that makes it attractive to companies

An outsourcing developer is a software development specialist who works for an external company or service provider rather than being directly employed by the company that needs their services. That is, instead of being part of the company's internal team, the outsourcing developer is hired by a third party to work on specific projects or tasks related to software development.


Among the characteristics that make the outsourcing developer profile more attractive are:


Experience and specialization

Outsourcing developers typically have extensive experience across a variety of projects and technologies, allowing them to bring specialized skills and up-to-date knowledge to the company.


Flexibility and adaptability

By working with different clients and projects, outsourcing developers are often highly adaptable and able to quickly adjust to new tasks and requirements, which streamlines project development.


Costs reduction

Hiring an outsourcing developer can be a cheaper option for companies compared to having a complete internal team, since they can be used in a timely manner and for as long as necessary.


Access to global talent

By working with outsourcing developers, companies can access global talent, allowing them to tap into the skills and knowledge of professionals from various parts of the world.


outsourcing developer


Focus on the core of the business

By outsourcing certain development tasks, companies can focus their internal resources on activities that are more strategic and fundamental to their business.


Faster recruitment

By having a pool of previously selected and qualified outsourcing developers, the company can streamline the hiring process and quickly start project development.


Increased production capacity

Outsourced developers can help increase a company's production capacity, allowing them to tackle larger projects or have greater scope.


Knowledge of best practices

Outsourcing developers often work with different clients and projects, which gives them a broader view of development best practices, which can be beneficial to the company.


How an outsourcing developer speeds up the delivery of software products


  • You can hire him faster than an in-house developer

“If you can't find the right developers in-house, software development outsourcing can be a great way to find the right developers faster. Outsourcing allows you to search through a large pool of candidates and compare their backgrounds and skills to find the best fit for your project", they pointed out in an article in The Boss Magazine.


  • Easily adapts to any environment

In the case of startups and small companies, outsourcing developers are especially beneficial since they allow companies to scale operations without problems, they refer to in a Forbes article on this subject.


“This flexibility is invaluable, particularly in the often unpredictable and rapidly changing startup environment. Emerging companies can expand their operations and production by relying on their outsourcing partners, achieving more with less”, they added.


outsourcing developer


  • Improve internal team time management

Outsourcing developers come to companies to relieve the internal team of work, leaving them time to focus on more critical and strategic aspects of the project. This increases the speed of development and the efficiency of all processes, improving the delivery of the final product and making it possible to meet deadlines.


  • Continuous work

Outsourced developers may work different hours than the in-house team, meaning work can continue 24/7, even overnight or on weekends. This can significantly speed up the development process, especially on projects with tight deadlines.


  • Focus on specific tasks

By outsourcing certain tasks or project modules, outsourcing developers can focus on specific areas, allowing them to work more efficiently and focus on delivering high-quality results in less time.


outsourcing developer


Aspects to take into account when hiring an outsourcing developer for your project

When hiring an outsourcing developer for your project, it is essential to consider several key aspects to guarantee a successful collaboration and obtain satisfactory results.


Among the essential things to evaluate is the experience and skills of the outsourcing developer. Make sure they have relevant experience in similar projects and knowledge of the technologies required for your specific project. Additionally, it is important to check references and feedback from previous clients to gain a deeper understanding of their performance and professionalism.


From the internal side of the company, you should take into account these aspects before starting the search for outsourcing developers:


  • Analyze business problems and needs

“Start by looking at issues, requests, and requirements. Without a clear understanding of your requirements, you gain nothing from outsourcing developers. Create a list of pending tasks and activities that must be carried out, indicate the budget you have and establish approximate deadlines for all deliveries, for example, delivery of UI / UX design, development, application testing, etc”, they recommended in an article in Entrepreneur magazine.


  • Payment model

There are several service charge models and we will talk about the most common:


Fixed price

It is about setting a fixed price for the service, calculated according to the deadlines and scope of work. It is ideal for small projects with very limited functionality. This model does not allow changes or additional iterations, so if you need this, it would be additional costs that would be added to your project.


outsourcing developer


By time and material

“The time and material model is a flexible counterpart that blends very well with agile principles. Unlike the fixed model, the T&M model allows teams to start development quickly. The developer's flexible hourly rate allows teams to manage tasks and set deadlines and budgets. The agile approach benefits teams to determine the result or progress at each stage of development”, they stated in the same article.


Create a document with project specifications

Beyond explaining to the outsourcing developer the project you have in hand and how you want to create it, it is better that you create a document with the technical and design specifications that you expect the software to have, how you want it to work and how you want the end user to interact with it. This is one of the essential aspects in product development.


It should contain the following elements: project description, definition of the problem it will solve, project objectives, target audience, functional requirements, expected features, aesthetic details, non-functional parts, suggestions and restrictions, and questions.


Outsourcing development accelerates the delivery of software products by providing additional resources, specialized expertise, work flexibility, and a more efficient distribution of tasks, allowing companies to meet project deadlines and objectives more effectively and quickly.


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