Rapid development: Does it work for web development too?

June 18, 2021

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Rapid mobile development, is probably one of the most popular software development methodologies right after the SCRUM method (which is the one we use here at Rootstack), and it’s famous for making the developer’s job easier.


If you haven’t heard of this type of software development methodology before, don’t worry too much, we have a previous blog talking about what rapid mobile app development is in which we explain what this is, and we truly recommend you to read that before continuing with this blog.


However, to put it simply, Rapid mobile app development is a software development methodology that is based on the idea of creating all types of mobile applications in a short amount of time, putting in the minimum effort while doing so.


Rapid mobile all development is very similar to agile software development in the sense these two methods focus on getting great results without investing so much time and energy on unnecessary steps.


Through this method, software developers are able to create mobile applications in no time by implementing early prototyping, reusable components and low to no no code programming tools.


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Rapid application development for web solutions

The same principle that applies for mobile app development can be used for developing web applications as well. Actually, this is known as rapid application development or RAD, and it was first introduced by James Martin back in 1991, and it has changed the game ever since.


As a matter of fact, RMAD is a variation of rapid development that is used to create all kinds of mobile applications, but the truth is, you can utilize this method for all kinds of software solutions.


Now, before we tell you how you can implement this particular software development methodology to your projects, let’s take a look at what rapid app development is in the first place.


Rapid application development is a type of the Agile software development methodology that focuses on working software and user feedback instead of strict planning.


Basically, RAD, as a part of the Agile development method, emphasizes on getting more things done rather than wasting time on unnecessary over-planning.


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As you can see, the principles of rapid mobile development and rapid app development are extremely similar, and they both focuses on two main points:

  1. Focusing on being productive instead of wasting so much time on previous planning

  2. Continuously testing from start to finish


Now, don’t get it wrong. RAD is so much more than these two steps, however, these are the center and core of this type of methodology. That being said, let’s take a look at the few steps involved in rapid app development.


Steps of Rapid Application Development for web solutions

1: Define the scope and reason of your project

No one software solution is created “just because”, they all have a reason, a problem they want to solve. So, before even programming and developing, sit down and define the purpose and reason of your project.


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As a software development company, this might be an easier step for you and your team since you are used to identify the purpose of a software and work towards a goal, but for a regular client who just needs this type of solution, it is important for you to communicate with your software provider so this step can be done correctly.


2: Start by creating prototypes and move on

Rapid application development focuses on getting your team to work right away. This means, the moment you’ve reiceved the requirements and specifications, it’s time to work! And by work, we mean creating prototypes and move on from there.


Encourage your team to start working right away and not being afraid of making changes down the line. Remember, it’s very likely what you’re developing right now will be completely different from the end product, and that’s okay.


3: Keep the client/user involved and take their feedback

The core of Rapid app development is to get your user involved during every stage, this way, they are already familiar with the product before it is even finished.


The way to do this is by constantly presenting them with the progress made and take their feedback to continue making necessary changes. Keep in mind, for this to work, the workflow between the developing team and the user must be spotless, quick and effective.


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4: Test and continue testing your product

Like we said, testing is extremely important in this type of methodology, and something your software engineers will continue to do during the whole development process.


The whole point of testing is to run your software through different scenarios, make sure everything is working great, and fix or upgrade just what it needs to be improved.


Remember, testing goes hand-to-hand with getting feedback from the user and implementing it to better your software. It is only when everything works perfectly that you can present your product to the client.


In conclusion

Rapid development is a methodology that can be used for both web and mobile development, even if it isn’t used the exactly same way, the core principles of this methodology still stands (and works) in both cases.


If you’re looking for a software development company to help you develop a web or mobile application -or both!- hit us up! Our team is ready to help you get the software solution you need!


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