Software development companies in Colombia: What services do they offer?

February 08, 2023

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empresas de desarrollo de software en colombia


Colombia is one of the South American countries that is betting the most on technological innovation, with constant investments in this area. In fact, in 2022, the government of that country announced an investment fund of more than 6 million dollars to promote science, technology and innovation.


In addition, the human talent in the technology area is notable and according to José David Ospina, CEO of the Colombian company Nediar –which already has a presence in several countries in the Americas, Europe and the Middle East– “Colombia is at the best time to increase their infrastructure capacity, human talent and technological adoption”, adding that many transnationals have adopted Colombian talent for their valuable technical capabilities.


For these reasons, Colombia has become an interesting technological market for many countries, finding experienced software development companies in this country, with competitive prices and responsible for their projects.


What services do software development companies offer in Colombia?


Software development companies in Colombia generally have several levels of service that they offer to clients. Let's start with the area of general services, which we will explain below.


empresas de desarrollo de software en colombia


IT Staff Augmentation


The IT Staff Augmentation service is one of the classics offered by software development companies in Colombia, which consists of providing profiles to companies, to be hired externally and temporarily, performing a specific function within a project. . The number of contracted profiles may vary depending on the client's needs.


The attractiveness of this model is that the company that hires the profiles does not have to take care of the recruitment or any other administrative task, since this is done by the software development company that provides them.


software development companies in colombia


Dedicated software development team


In this case, the software development company provides the client with a team of software developers called "dedicated", which means that they will be in charge of the development of their project, following the instructions that the client gives them. In general, this team is made up of various profiles –developers, designers, QA– who have complete autonomy to create the project. This modality greatly speeds up software development and increases the efficiency of the results.


Project-based model


Here, the company fully delegates software development to a software development team, which only reports progress and results to the client and notifies them once development is complete. This frees the client from a lot of workload, so that he can take care of more strategic tasks.


empresas de desarrollo de software en colombia


Technological solutions offered by software development companies in Colombia



They are responsible for the development of various types of web pages, for any type of industry. The developers help to structure the website, design it, code it and add all the functionalities to achieve an optimal product for the end user.



It is a customer relationship management software, which helps a lot with managing customers, prospects, and contacts. Gather all the information from each of these profiles to properly monitor the sales cycle. It can be integrated with different marketing automation platforms to optimize campaigns.


empresas de desarrollo de software en colombia


Mobile apps

Today it is essential for a business to have a mobile application and software development companies in Colombia have several of the best mobile platform developers. They can develop native apps, web apps, or hybrid apps. They are experts in UX design to create the best user experience.



Customer service is very important for companies, and chatbots have been a great help in this regard. They can be programmed to answer the most basic questions of users, and in Colombia there are very good profiles of developers experienced in RPA and chatbot technology.


Digital signatures

The pandemic greatly accelerated the adoption of digital signature solutions, thanks to which companies could sign documents remotely, without the need to meet or be in the same city or country.



The organization of a company determines almost 100% of its success, and in this task an ERP, enterprise resource planning software, can help perfectly in this task, which allows all the resources of a company to be put in order and properly monitored. In an ERP, you can install modules for payroll, accounting, inventory, among others.



Online sales are constantly expanding and e-Commerce is already as natural and normal as drinking water. Software development companies in Colombia have enough experience and tools to take on your project.


empresas de desarrollo de software en colombia


What are the most demanded software development profiles in Colombia?


If the IT Colombia 2022 Labor Market Report made something clear, it is that the profile most in demand by companies is the developer or programmer, representing 23.4% of all IT vacancies, reported the Hireline portal.


The second most requested profile is for the Support and Maintenance area, followed by the position of Commercial Advisor, QA Testing and Help Desk. Among the least demanded profiles is that of Scrum master, Technical leader and Project manager.


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