React Native or ReactJS? Differences between both frameworks

August 26, 2021

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react native


React Native is a framework for developing native applications on iOS and Android, using the JavaScript language. It was created by Facebook in 2015 and over the last few years it has gained tremendous popularity.


If you know how to use JavaScript, you can use this knowledge to create native applications with React Native. You will get a one hundred percent native application and you do not have the need to learn how to program on iOS or Android.


One of the advantages of React Native is that you don't have to hire two separate teams of developers for two code languages.


The difference between React Native and ReactJS


React Native is the same as React, but uses native components instead of using web components as building blocks. It targets mobile platforms rather than the browser, this is its main difference.


Among its other differences are:


  • React Native is used to develop mobile applications, while ReactJS is used to create web applications.
  • While React Native doesn't use HTML tags, ReactJS does.
  • ReactJS offers high security for its developers and developed applications, while React Native has proven to be lacking in security.
  • React Native comes with its own browser to navigate mobile applications. ReactJS uses React-router to navigate web pages.


In conclusion, React Native applications are the actual native application, the JavaScript code remains as JavaScript and they are executed in an additional thread by the compiled application. The user interface and everything is compiled in native code.

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