Reasons why you should develop an Android app for your business

July 26, 2021


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We live in a completely technological era. Any company or business must have a presence on the web, not only with a dedicated page, but also know how to navigate social networks, achieve that connection with its customers and users. To these two you can add an app of the business, such as an Android app, and with this a more direct connection with the client would be achieved.


By 2020, according to research conducted by McKenna Consultants, more than a third of the human population had a smart mobile device such as an Android phone, iPhone, or iPad. This statistic represents a new way to communicate with customers, something that was not even thought about ten years ago, when more traditional media such as television or the written press were still used.


Developing a business mobile app can offer valuable marketing opportunities and help you reach your target audience, as well as many other advantages that will help you get ahead of your competition.


Main reasons to develop an Android app for your business


Now, you may ask yourself, do I develop an Android app or an iOS for my business? Well, the answer to this question is in the numbers.


According to the data obtained by the Business of Apps portal, Android has more than 2.8 billion active users, it has a global market share of 75 percent. Android has more than 85 percent market share in Brazil, India, Indonesia, Turkey, and Vietnam.


Last year alone, more than 1 billion Android smartphones were sold. Samsung is the largest Android smartphone maker, closely followed by Xiaomi, who just surpassed Apple in sales, and Huawei. This is an important indication of the need to develop an Android application.


Most of your potential customers use this software on their phones and tablets, so an Android app has a better chance of reaching almost 100 percent of the potential audience.


Also, Android is an open source platform and offers maximum customization features to development teams. This is why Android apps are a popular option. In addition, the operating system enables the creation of versatile Android applications that can be easily integrated into multimedia tools and data management functions of your existing business processes.


Therefore, companies can benefit from reaching a broader customer base by adapting to changing business requirements.