Review: "Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation"

June 18, 2021


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Rootstack has been profiled in recent years as a company that seeks (earnestly) to provide solutions that impact the way of working in the departments of Marketing/IT, which is why we held the event *"Marketing Automation and Digital Transformation"*, focused on defining the main strategies of digital marketing today. In that sense, the content of the event was enriching for the happy attendees with fresh ideas and an innovative vision in their respective field. **10 main points of digital marketing strategies that every CMO should know:** The first panel was in charge of **Alejandro Oses** (CEO of Rootstack), it was very interesting the approach he wanted to give to his presentation, touching on the theme of digital marketing strategies and how it is betting to improve the quality of campaigns aimed at omnichannel, communications planning in two ways and the merger of the sales and marketing department. ![img](https://cms.rootstack.com **5 simple ways to personalize the CX:** **Katie Staveley** (VP Marketing at Mautic) joined us for this event, her presentation touched several points: **_1. Contact segmentation:_** At this point, he talks about the organization of the audience in smaller and more specific lists. Many mass marketing software allows you to create lists according to certain campaigns that you want to realize the idea is to improve that segmenting by groups, depending on whether a product or service is what you want to promote. Tools like Mautic allows you to segment the interest shown by contact and the behavior of a contact in the past about a certain product or service. **_2. Multiple Channels:_** The omnichannel has come to stay, if you think that with a simple ads or mails campaigns solve everything, you're wrong, use all communication channels with which you can improve the experience with your customer (social networks, website, ads, mailing, and many more), the more you cover the market, the more your customers will know about you. **_3. Dynamic content:_** Customize the content is one of the most critical points for any marketing campaign, people look for enriching content, do not trust a simple "Hello {Firstname}" play with the colors, images and videos distinguish your campaign from the rest. **-4. Preferences:_** You have to be very careful with this point, a contact is not equal to others, take the task of knowing who you are going to send marketing campaigns will help you an amount. **_5. Automatic learning - Let the machine take charge:_** the concept of Marketing Automation aims to improve the experience with customers and spend less time programming campaigns, what do I mean? if you implement tools like Mautic reduces time in creating thousands of templates to use it once vs. use it thousands of times and with better content. ![img](https://cms.rootstack.com **Mautic in action:** Mautic at the configuration level has a (practically infinite) range of possibilities, from baking to A/B testing, the most critical functions, in my opinion, are audience segmentation, Lead Scoring by contact and multi-channel communications, and in the end it became clear that it is a bet for the short term with which you will achieve thousands of benefits. ![img](https://cms.rootstack.com Concerning the audience, several medium/large companies from Panama participated, and all were happy with the talks and the content. We will hold more events like this one in Panama, to improve our services and provide quality proposals to our customers.