Rootstack Annual Event

June 18, 2021

Every year, Rootstack holds its annual event to discuss the most relevant technological issues of the moment, and this year was no exception. Once again, accompanied by different speakers and the best guests, we had the excellent opportunity to impact and influence executives (CEOs, CIOs, CTOs & CMOs), and several decision makers of the main companies in the country (Banking, Government, Retail, Manufacturing, Energy, Education, Tourism and others)

On this occasion, different sessions were held on the topics that we are most passionate about: Software development, mobile applications and automation aimed at different areas.

The event began with a security discussion of web software solutions where we had the participation of someone very important in the Rootstack team: Diego Tejera; accompanied by Anabel Broce of AIG, and Marcello Zilli of AWS. A lecture that allowed us to have the perspective from three completely different points of view regarding security and the cloud; and where there was good participation by the attendees who shared their consultations with the experts on the subject.

Continuing with the agenda of the day, we talked about how to build software projects in the right way, and together with our speakers Ivan Mendoza and Diego Tejera (Rootstack) we were able to know the correct architecture and methodology used in medium and large companies in the USA. to software projects of this magnitude.

Closing the morning sessions, it was the turn of Alejandro Oses (Rootstack) and Jorge Luis García of [Mulesoft] ( to let us know the latest at architecture level of API's, solutions Completely pre-made Restful, architectures of APi's, and investment level presented different success stories that clearly showed the benefits of investing in API's.

After a short break, the afternoon sessions began with one of the topics that are in trend, such as ecommerce. On this particular occasion, Juan Daniel Flores (Rootstack) and Isauro Pitti from Metropago spoke about the main factors when building an e-commerce software solution and everything we need to take into account when decide to implement a solution of this type. His presentation resulted in a better understanding of all the points involved when implementing an e-commerce solution, the types of platforms that offer the benefits and functionalities that this solution can bring to your company, business or company.

Besides that, we present the evolution of Rootnet, becoming a suite of solutions adding to its Rootnet Intranet products: a business software focused on updating the productivity of a company by automating workflows . In this presentation, the audience can see the functionalities of the product and the easy administration of it. Achieving positive comments and a projection to be adopted in different areas of the organizations.

As a closing event, was informed of an intelligent solution for compliance with the Know Your Customer ("KYC") procedures in Panama. A solution with a data bank where different companies can join and have access to inquiries about their customers' information.

And so our annual event culminated, after a day (and afternoon) full of knowledge, in a space that encourages the flow of information and surrounded by representatives of the largest companies in the country, it can be said that the objectives were achieved, and Each person, whether a speaker or part of the audience he attended, enjoyed (and learned) to the fullest.

Take a look at our video!

If you want to relive that day and see everything that happened, or just want to see what our event was like, we invite you to watch our video about that day by clicking [HERE]( videos / evento-anual-rootstack-2018) and find out everything that happened!

Thanks for coming! We are waiting for you at the next annual Rootstack event.

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